Funny AppStore reviews

04-17-2015, 10:33 PM
Funny AppStore reviews

I've seen a lot of funny/sad AppStore reviews, and was wondering why no one did a collection for them. Maybe someone did- and if they did , delete this thread.
04-17-2015, 10:34 PM
This is scary:
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04-18-2015, 09:25 AM
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I found one for a game called Dac Rush Path to Kickehrino of Deus Ex in the US Appstore, I found it quite 4chan-ish, so I won't post it here but anyone interested can go and see it by themselves.
04-18-2015, 05:47 PM
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I've once seen a review that said "GET THIS OFF MY ACCOUNT NOW!" The review was on a rather disgusting app...
04-18-2015, 10:18 PM
Here on Indonesian App Store I ever read silly review on Republique game

It's written in Indonesian Lang, but it said if the game is great but please make it free for the next episode.
I bet this guy download the game when it's free.

Second is on The World II Hunting BOSS
The review said if he's so nervous when paying a buck for an unknown game without review... Well, may be he doesn't know if TOFTT exist

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04-19-2015, 02:14 PM
This ones good:
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04-23-2015, 09:59 AM
Fun fun fun
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