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  • Publisher: Andrew Hill
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 50.7 MB
  • Version: 1.8
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating: 4 (1)
App description: Zombonic is a Tilt & Touch Shooter that pits you against an unrelenting horde of the undead. Shoot them before they can reach you and don't forget to watch your back!

A range of creepy levels to play.
Pickups with all kinds of crazy effects.
Leaderboard for the competitive types.
Detailed graphics with dynamic light.

You earn points for each zombie you kill and each zombie has a chance to drop a pickup. This pickup not only adds more points to your score when collected but also applies a random effect to you!

For each minute that passes, the points awarded to you for shooting zombies or collecting pickups is doubled. You will earn a score bonus for surviving the first minute and this score bonus is also doubled for every additional minute that you survive.

Mesmer Mobile's comments:

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrew and I'm the developer of Zombonic. It was first released on the App Store over a month ago but has undergone improvements since then. Now's as good a time as any to announce it here, as the lite version has also just been released.

Lite Version:

Zombonic uses the device's gyroscope to look around, and you touch the zombies on the screen to shoot them. Don't let them grab you or it's all over! Zombies will spawn more frequently, in greater numbers and approach you with more swiftness after every passing minute.

There is also a chance that zombies will drop a pickup when they die, which when collected will add extra points to your score, as well as bestowing a random effect on you (not all of them pleasant).

There are currently 3 playable environments (2 for Zombonic Lite) with plans to add more in the near future. I am also looking into adding Game Center functionality.

01-07-2013, 03:14 AM
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This game looks nice! Currently I'm away from home, but I'm watching it for when I get home.

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03-16-2013, 02:10 AM
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If anyone is interested in what goes into the development of a game, take a look at this video showing the development process for the Plaguefinder character in Zombonic.

Watch it here!