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App description: bogan, n. A creature commonly found in the western suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, though from time to time, they can accidentally wander into other regions, usually when in pursuit of members of the opposite sex or alcohol. Bogans are loud and obnoxious (particularly the female of the species) and dwell in run-down houses surrounded by rusty Australian V8 utes. The females are particularly fond of chewing gum and spitting it on the ground, sometimes causing sticky shoes, which on the feet of the right bogan, can be used for scaling walls. Bogans only listen to heavy rock music and are allergic to coloured fabric. Bogans generally never work for their income, instead preferring to rely on social welfare, though they can be coaxed into doing smaller jobs in return for a box of beer. Common bogan names for the males are Gazza, Dazza and Bazza, and all female bogan names almost exclusively begin with either "Sh" or "Ch", such as Sharon, Shona, Cheryl, Chantelle and Sharmishkabarwapooway.

Right, now you know what a bogan is, a bit about the game:

Gazza has sticky feet (thanks to his missus, Chardonnay) and he likes to run. Okay, he doesn't really, but a magical monkey named Geoff promised him a box of his favourite beer if he could reach the top of a mystical tower and return with the holy grundies of doom. Unfortunately for Gazza, the tower is endless, something that pesky monkey forgot to mention. It's up to you to keep Gazza alive for as long as you can! One slip-up and splat!

Bogan's Run features:

* Ultra-simple single-finger control method, perfect for mobile gaming!
* Rocking soundtrack by Necropolo
* Vibrant cartoon-like graphics
* Ridiculously addictive gameplay
* Ten achievements (more to come, if enough of you glorious people buy the game!)

Thanks for choosing to play Bogan's Run, another POLYGAMe d i g i t a l original title for iOS.

Now, GET RUNNING, Gazza!

POLYGAMe's comments:
Hi there guys and gals!

Thought I'd pop by and let you all know that my new game Bogan's Run has been released for iOS. It's a simple, yet remarkably addictive little runner. Enjoy!

01-08-2013, 12:20 AM
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand
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Hmmm... it seems that the app store is taking its time to update the info. The link works, but here are some screen grabs too:

01-08-2013, 04:15 PM
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 566
And here's a gameplay vid. Sorry about the quality... my Mac isn't grunty enough to capture in a decent resolution :P

Youtube link | Pop Up