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App description: The game feature animal like robot character try to fight and prevent enemy robot from destroy "The Reactor" your main power source that stand at lowest of the room not only to destroy enemy but you also need to keep reactor battery full by collect "Power Capsule" which random appear around the floor. each wave you survive you earn credit as reward. use it for unlock new weapon and equipment for your character in future battle. the game also feature 5 different level with complete different graphic of tile-set and different enemies to fight with include different boss battle!

- Challenging and Addictive
- 5 different characters with different power and weapons.
- Detailed 2D environment.
- 24 different weapons
- Setup helper turret fight the enemies
- 18 Type of enemy with unique ability
- Support game center for score board
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My name is "Tharathon Wattanavikrai" and my friend "Alberto Dolci" we are developer of the game call "Metaloid: Reactor Guardian" We glad to say our game is finish. and release on Itune already. you can get the game here for free!

Link to Itune

this require at lest iphone 4 and already optimize for iphone5 but please tell me if it also work on iphone 3gs,

for Android version it will hit "Amazon" app store soon. in 1-2 day.

[About The Game]

[Game Trailer]
link to trailer www.youtube.com/embed/ZRnVbw-3X-0

[Over All]
Metaloid: Reactor Guardian is Arcade Action Survival Game. setting on Sci-Fi theme with anime style graphic.it's have design for people who love mini action game that can play in short time [good to play while waiting on something] and seek for challenge fill with ton of feature to unlock. the game also offer 3 different characters that come with different play style.cool weird weapon with nice looking effect and score board feature that show how good you are for each play.

[Game Play]
Choose 1 from 3 Different Characters, setup your best weapon and equipment in menu then jump to battle!. you can find enemy jump down from top of screen and try to get you and your reactor. all you need to do is destroy them with everything you have and survive as long as possible until time is up and earn "credit" that need for unlock new toy of next game. less damage you take from each wave more reward you get.

[Game Feature]
- Chaotic and addicting action.
- 3 different characters.
- Beautiful detailed 2D environment.
- 16 different weapons to unlock.
- New Turret system to use in your strategy.
- 10 kind of enemies with different abilities.
- Additional content in the future.


Retro Revolution Game
Tharathon Wattanavikrai ; Lead Designer / Artist

Alberto Dolci ; Programmer


and thank to connector who start this thread for me.

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I'm the opposite. Love the retro style graphics which no doubt helps with the tiny filesize

Nervous I'm hearing the controls are a bit stiff though
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Originally Posted by SumoSplash View Post
Tiny file size, core concept that will appeal to gamers such as myself from now until the end of time, nice weapons...

Stiff controls with no customization which are almost unusable on the iPhone, slightly better on iPad, 'retro' style graphics that I am utterly sick of, no iCloud support, terrible grammar mistakes...

IAP are here in their usual form, some consumable, some permanent unlock for extra characters. It's Freemium, but the balance doesn't seem to be too offensive. Of course that is a relative statement. No wait timers.

Those are my impressions after playing for 15 minutes. I recommend checking it out simply for the Metroid homage in tower defense form.
thank you for you comment and suggestion we will try to solve all this problem in the future. if you found anything more to suggest please tell us.
10-31-2013, 03:05 AM
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Is playing the game, love the graphics too much. But the touch feature is not good, what do you think about it?

Pine Entertainment
10-31-2013, 03:08 AM
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maybe i'll ask my friend to redesign touch feature and allow user to customize. in future patch. and let see if we can provide iCloud support.
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Originally Posted by Holy_Terra View Post
maybe i'll ask my friend to redesign touch feature and allow user to customize. in future patch. and let see if we can provide iCloud support.
Great news, will wait for your new update.

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10-31-2013, 03:22 AM
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it take time for sure. truly i can play on my Iphone 5 with no problem, however comment from player is away better and we will try fix it fastest as possible.
10-31-2013, 11:26 AM
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If I could make a suggestion, consider having the shots fire as fast as you can press, like Metroid. It is more intuitive this way. Currently the shot fire rate is set, no matter how fast you press.
i afraid we will not change this since it's decision we made to balance power of each weapons. but most weapons allow you to hold attack key to keep fire it, while some of them like Flak Gun , Tripple Fire Pistol , Railgun etc that require your input for each attack since they are so powerful but it's good idea to have some weapon that allow you shots to fire as fast as you can press maybe we will put it to the game in future update...

Originally Posted by SumoSplash View Post
If you can get past the controls and the grind-or-pay structure, then this is a cool little game. If the dev needs help with the English grammar issues, shoot me a pm.

I'm also making one last request, which goes out to all Freemium developers: please leave the option for a one-time IAP that transitions the game over to a Premium title. Players like myself that enjoy Premium gaming would be more supportive of your efforts if you did so.

Thank you, Drive Thru.

About In-App on our game. when you buy "full pack" option it will unlock all characters and give you 30000 cr. [that enough to unlock all weapon for 1 character but depend on how you use it]

even you buy it and delete the game when next time you re install the game again you can choose "recover" button to get all what you buy back again without paid.

about transaction system we hope it'll be last thing that player will buy from our game truly we don't even want to put it inside since we more like to make weapon unlock system drive player motivation and give more reason to keep playing the game.

however it's player choice but personally i'm not support to buy it since it just make the game bore faster...

but ok i will discuss with my teammate about what you ask for. and even we can't suddenly change how purchase system work but we still can offer other free feature to repay our fan in the future. the last news i speak with him is the game will support online ladder board soon.

I don't want to speak much about graphic choice but too bad that's all we can do now since we have no 3d programmer in our team and we're not company that have enough power to hire some one. = ="

thank you for your suggestion after all it really useful for us.

about button mostly you miss press on DPAD or jump/shoot button?

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