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Tesla's Revenge from Codito Development / Sage Board Games

01-17-2013, 03:28 PM
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Tesla's Revenge from Codito Development / Sage Board Games

Tesla's Revenge is an electricity-themed puzzle game designed by Orin Bishop and being developed for iOS by Codito Development under their Sage Board Games brand.

From its original roots as a more traditional abstract head-to-head strategy game, in a board form, the game has evolved into a challenging and fun solo puzzle game in app form.

The player and the AI each have a power supply at their end of the board and a number of electrical orbs that are connected back to that power supply. The catch is that if an orb is not connected back to your power supply, via a chain of your own orbs, then it loses power and cannot be moved again until power is restored to it. Orbs move by being swapped with one of your opponent's orbs or into an empty spot on the grid. You defeat your opponent by completely disconnecting their orbs from their power supply, or forcing them to disconnect their last connected orb.

The resulting "push-pull" dynamic, where you will sometimes be disconnecting your own pieces and sometimes be reconnecting your pieces, is visualized perfectly on the screen with animations and lightning effects. You can literally see the balance of power shifting back and forth.

Your challenge in this compelling puzzler is to find a solution to each level, collecting light bulbs in order to earn new power-ups along the way (these will also be available via In App Purchase). Power-ups will unlock additional levels and add further layers of complexity to the game.

The app will have Codito's trademark attention to detail and theming, carried over from their experience with Euro board game adaptations and is expected to be available in the App Store before the end of 2013.