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App description: Creative Arts
30 unique levels based on one line art

Cut the Art Into Equal Parts as Possible
Give direction the colored balls by clicking on the screen. Some of the balls are connected to line but some aren't. Some of them can cut the line but some can't. Some of them have friction but some don't. The objective is simple; divide the line into as equal parts as possible. Collect points and open new levels.

30 challenging levels 30 different leaderboards

Haptic Feedback
Feel the cut in your hand

3D Touch Shortcut
Reach last played level via 3D Touch Shortcut

From the creator of rop, hocus., VOI and pocus.

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Boardumb's comments:

04-13-2017, 05:20 PM
Awesome! I love gamebra.in games! Downloading now.
04-24-2017, 08:30 AM
Joined: Oct 2014
Posts: 23
cut. is FREE for a limited time. Have Fun
06-11-2017, 06:30 AM
Joined: Sep 2015
Posts: 246
This game seems to have been pulled from the App Store. I can still download it from my purchase history like most other apps that have also been pulled, but it's no longer possible to access its App Store page.