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Apple Guru HD For iPhone Released

11-17-2012, 04:06 AM
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Apple Guru HD For iPhone Released

****************APPLE GURU HD********************

They say history repeats but this time with a slight twist.


This fun- filled learn and play game is just amazing as it can get .Here you get good score by shooting off apples from a tree on to the guy's head walking below the tree. Now that's not the end of the game. You will also be enlightened with some amazing facts that pops out for every few apples that are hit on the head. So now who would say playing games is all about wasting your time when you also have all the time to educate yourself. it's all about Playing and Gaining!!!

Game strategy
You can master the game very easily and all you need to have is good concentration and take intelligent moves to shoot the apples at the right time. You will achieve a great sense of satisfaction when you find that it's just a matter of time that takes to reduce the misses drastically. And even more satisfaction when the amazing facts pop up.

Game features
1. Neat concept and easy to play with 18 levels
2. Tempting bright colors, very appealing to eyes
3. No complications and very simple logic.
4. Great sound effects for the shoots

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01-23-2013, 09:14 AM
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Hi Buddies..!!

try the new upgraded version of the game..
hope you will enjoy for sure.
view frequently to be updated.