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Check Out Now!!! Tiny Horse for iPhone V1.1 - Promocodes Giveaway

01-17-2013, 06:08 AM
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Check Out Now!!! Tiny Horse for iPhone V1.1 - Promocodes Giveaway

Promocodes Giveaway - Tiny Horse for iPhone has been released with updated version 1.1 on iTunes Store for Free download

Check out on iTunes...

  1. 967H6LTTLKW6
  2. A7WTHYE49W74
  4. HAW96A74XRRJ
  6. HNH69A69XWLW
  7. M9P77WYMX9FH
  8. 76XF94377KHF
  9. NE6AWJ3EA43A
  10. 9LEWJK4F7KKW
  11. E964FTPKXR79
  12. TMYW9PAR7N6W
  13. KWKM4EXM776F
  14. RTT6T4PY6MA9
  16. XHY3TKHT74K4
  17. 39LH6NEJYWW4
  18. P4ELWX3AM9XR
  19. 4NHWK7A9AYPH
  20. JKENL349A4N4
  22. FNMT66KW9444
  23. 7XMFF79KH3N7
  24. 6N9Y3PHJWE4W
  25. H9LHTJM37AXF
  26. XT4LTPA9H76L
  29. 7X6YWAME9R7R
  30. 4W36WYPK7NLX
  32. TEPTXML7T93F
  35. XNK97FRX79K7
  40. Y47J66JNNHEW
  42. MNK49KPEN9Y6
  44. E4RPLY9W43EL
  50. 4WA3PKT4ANYA

Please mention the code redeemed.

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01-17-2013, 02:11 PM
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01-17-2013, 03:21 PM
Thanks for the promo code! I acquired RTT6T4PY6MA9. Will play eventually!

01-17-2013, 05:33 PM
Hm, well I'm sorry to report back with this news, but this game is pretty ...subpar. The formula of a special horse running endlessly has been done quite a few times before, and the obvious one (Robot Unicorn Attack) is infinitely better than this game.

First off, the controls. They're awkward. The jump button is on the left side, and the fire button is on the left side as well, above the jump (or maybe it's under, I'm too lazy to check right now). Maybe it's just because I'm not used to that, but instead of having a glide button on the bottom-left side of the screen and a jump on the right side of the screen, why not utilize the right area for the fire button and the left for the jump, with a lefty flip option to make it vice-versa? I don't think I've had to use the glide button at all since I've played the game.

Second: The hit detection; rather, the hitbox on obstacles when they explode. I have hit many obstacles while getting used to the controls, and that works fine (though it would be nice to have an animation or sound that makes the player realize they hit something bad... otherwise it just seems random), but when I blow an obstacle up, I don't expect to be hit with molten rock that kills me instantly. It should be as simple as "Fire", *blows up*, *runs through the rubble*. How it is now, it seems all too common to die despite having blown up the obstacle in front of me.

Third: The graphics: not inspired at all. This is a bit of a nitpick, honestly, but nothing about the graphics excites me. There are no pretty colors or bunnies roaming around, or unicorns with lasers shooting out of their horns. It's just... there. A white pegasus that runs across a green field. If that was the intention, then I commend you for it. But it comes off more as boring and uninteresting than calming and relaxing.

Fourth: The music. The main menu looping a 15 second song clip is fine, as it's the main menu. You won't be in the menu for too long in a game like this. But the music that plays during gameplay is way too short for a game like this. Even though it seems nigh impossible to get further than 2,000 points, in a game like this, where the goal is to go as far as you can, a constant loop of a song playing can break the experience completely. In this case, the song isn't terrible, but it's certainly not good enough to stand on its own in a 30-second loop, playing over and over and over again.

Whatever number I'm on now, and this is quite pathetic: Ad placement. I downloaded the game for free using one of the promo codes listed above. I loaded up the game, and on the bottom of the screen is an ad banner that cycles through ads very quickly. This wouldn't be too bad if it were the lite version of the game, but this is the full version of the game. I checked to see if I installed this one, and indeed it is the correct one. For an app so sloppily put-together, and being sold for $4.99 on the App Store... to have ads like that is just shameful. And the ads don't go away when you enter the main game. They stay there through the entirety you are in the app, except when you check the Game Center leaderboards.

It hurts me to put down a game that seems to have such kind intentions... but I have to be honest on here. I gravitate towards and tend to love games with animals as the main star, but even I can see a slapdash product from a mile away, and I will label it as such.

Even with more polish, and removing those ads, I don't feel like this game can stand on its own. It's a tired concept, done better elsewhere, and the interest in it is waning by this point. I can't develop games, so I will still congratulate you on the release of your game, but the next game you do should have a little more work and thought put into it. You can usually feel, even with cheaply-made games, if there is passion behind it. And with this game, I'm sorry to say, but I'm not convinced that passion was a main factor in this product. I won't put down a developer for a lack of funding and doing the best they can with what they're given, but... passion.. You can have all the money in the world and make the best-looking game imaginable, but all that means nothing when the game lacks a very underestimated factor: Passion.

Sidenote: Who on Earth is pricing this game? The full game is $4.99 and that comes with ridiculous ads... but the Lite version is free, and you can "Unlock full game" for only $0.99 apparently!