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iPad: Cookid Teaching Jar [FREE/EDUCATION] +2-5 years old kids

02-24-2013, 04:04 PM
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Cookid Teaching Jar [FREE/EDUCATION] +2-5 years old kids

Visit our website to check the total cookies for every child playing Cookid Teaching Jar. Every time the score reaches an objective… we will add a new feature for Cookid Teaching Jar!

Cookid Teaching Jar

A real APP for kids: NO ads, NO in-app purchase, NO web links – FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

The oven is ready! Learn new words with the great cookie assortment Cookid Teaching Jar!
Cut, stretch and crush cookies to find surprises hidden inside them. Get rewards for knowing the name of every surprise and unlock new levels. Who can resist a jar of freshly baked cookies?

- Cookid Teaching Jar is a quick and funny game that will reinforce your child’s reading learning. The learning method is based on a visual recognition of words, so the child does not have to be able to read previously.

- Its simple interface with cookie-shaped buttons, along with its simplified playability, allow even two-year-old children to play.

- The game brings up multiple interactions with the words written on each cookie. According to the level, your child will have to cut, stretch or crush cookies in order to discover the surprises hidden inside them.

- Cookid Teaching Jar rewards the matching of each surprise with its name. Besides, the game reduces difficulty every time you miss by reducing the number of words on the screen. This way, the game adapts itself to the different retention and understanding skills of each child.

- With every correct answer, the number of cookies in the child’s jar will increase. You will see how your children enjoy scattering their cookies all over the screen and how they are moved to keep playing and learning in order to get more cookies.

- Initiate your child into learning other languages thanks to the possibility of selecting among three languages: English, French and Spanish.

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