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Chaos Rings II - How to beat Neron in PUB Quest at under suggested level

01-22-2013, 12:07 PM
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Chaos Rings II - How to beat Neron in PUB Quest at under suggested level

It can be done. Here are my setup for Darwin and the items you need:

Level 85
Weapon: Nothung
Armor: Reinforced Armor v13
Jewel: Auryn
Human Sopia: Marie
Other Sopias: Legion, Owl, Azi Dahaka

Mandatory items:
A crapton of Gateau Chocolates (I used 50something)
A handful of Breaches (ten of each should do, though I didn't use all)

And a crapton and a half of time (I went from 100% charge to 75% just on this battle)

The overall strategy is to have the speed advantage and Neron beat you up. This way, the Charge guage fills up, and you retaliate with the Level 2 charge attack.

You begin first by casting Regenerate, and from there, it comes down to Neron attacking, and you healing yourself with Gateau Chocolate. Since you have Azi equipped, each Gateau will give you 5000 points, nearly topping your HP.

Then, whenever the timing is in a way that Neron only struck you once and "waited and watched" in the second attack or is preparing for its massive beam of death attack, you would counterattack with the Charge attack. Of course, be sure that the Break Gauge doesn't favor Neron when you do the attack, or else it becomes a wasted effort.

Once you drain half of Neron's life, it will cast Force Regenerate randomly, changing its affinity in the process. When HP permits, toss a Breach at it so you get some temporary defense.

It's long and tedious, and you may need to cast Regenerate a couple more times, but Hell yes it is doable. I also look forward to other strategies.

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