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Chanaging a game category: What to watch for?

01-21-2013, 06:27 PM
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Chanaging a game category: What to watch for?

Hello guys,

My first app Space Command (combine asteroids and missile defense game play) is in the:

Game - Arcade category (no secondary category)

I came to find out (newbie here!) that arcade is really competitive (duh!) and was wondering if changing it Game - Adventure maybe not be a smart move since I think it is little less crowded than arcade (probably not much but...)

What do guys think? Any bad experience about changing categories mid-way? What do i need to watch for? Would lose anything in term of ranking (not sure that is big problem since the app is so new...)

Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated!


ps: If you want to check the game while it is free (for few more days) just check my signature for the link. If you check it out, thanks in advance for any ratings/reviews!

(see my signature if you like to check it
01-21-2013, 07:55 PM
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Not sure if I'm missing something but I carnt get past level one on your game.. I hit very asteroid and the planet is still 100%. The time runs out and it's say I did a fantastic job but then takes me back to the games home screen and if I click play again its still level one?

Also your more games button opens up candy Crush in the appstore?

Yes you should but at least two categories, think you could put arcade and action. It's not really adventure and apple may remove that at approval stage.

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01-22-2013, 03:17 AM
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Thanks ThreeCubes. I think you right, I probably should stick with what i have (game -aracade) if there is a chance that Apple would deny the game...

In term of Space Command, I am sorry you having issues. Yes you need play couple games before going to level 2. The goal is to increase your survival time (so it gets harder and harder) and then you reach I think about 1 minute of survival time(after player 6-8 games not sure) you will reach level 2 where you will have 2 planets to worry about. After that it will take much longer to reach level 3 (the goal again is to make your survive longer and longer) So you will need to use your gold very carefully in level 1 and 2 because level 3 is much harder with 3 planets!

For the button "more games", it is just experiment to allow to check out free game of the day (using Revmob ad network) So the game offered will change every day. You do not have to press that button. the game do not have any ads.

I hope this help. And you thank you for checking Space Command and for your nice info about the categories. I appreciate that.