iPhone: Star Defense (By Silver Bell Studio) [iPhone] [FREE]

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Star Defense (By Silver Bell Studio) [iPhone] [FREE]

Game Play Demo


Main menu


Inventory : UNIT

Inventory : UPGRADE

Inventory : UPGRADE

Inventory : ENCHANT

Inventory : PARTS

## Game Info ##

## Weapon Summary
Capture Enemy Unit. -BlackHole-
Moment of Crisis. -TimeShift-
Moment of Chance. -OverClock-
Multi-Targeting. -Phoenix-
Warp Bomber. -Backup-
Healing Unit. -Recharge-
Ignore Armor. -Missile-

..and Over 50 Parts and Weapons !!

## System Summary
Max 999 Level Skills Selection System
For Hero(MainShip) Weapon and Parts System
Friend Unit Upgrade System
Item Level Upgrade System
Item Grade Enchant System

..and Over 40 Enemies and Boss System

Campaign Mode : 4 difficulties Grade. About 300 Stages
Challenge Mode : Various Infinite Stages

Thank you~!!

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Thanks for your feedback~
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Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Oh your the developer?

Ok ill put it more detailed my mistake

Needs more enemies I feel I faced the same ones 13 or 15 levels in and the same "boss" needs some variety but is a pretty good game.
That's OK! Thank you for your comment!!