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iPhone: Squashem - Only $0.99 Until Update

07-02-2009, 03:04 PM
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Squashem - Only $0.99 Until Update

Squashem is on sale because a huge gameplay update is on the way (no specific ETA, except that it is well on its way with new gameplay modes, levels to unlock, and lots more depth), and to celebrate Squashem is half price - but only until the update is available!

iTunes Link ($0.99)

Youtube link | Pop Up


Heart pulsing edge of your seat action in a high energy tilt based ball rolling game.

Race against the clock to roll your ball around the 3D environment and squash all 10 runners per level, and submit your best time to the internet high scores, or go head to head with your friends with local high scores.

Chase 'n squash the 10 runners as they flee, more fun than anything!*
*within reason, depends on lifestyle

  • 6 eye popping levels with fully 3D environments, PhysX physics
  • Global high scores to see who is the fastest on the planet (internet connection required). Local high scores to compete with your friends
  • Hard and Easy modes depending on your mood
  • Choose your squashing weapon from 10 different balls.
  • Tilt sensitivity control - tweak your twitch level
  • Screen orientation calibration allows play at almost any angle
  • 14 high score tables to dominate
  • Listen to your iPod while you are playing

I bought this as soon as it came out over 2 months ago and I thought it was really worth the $1.99 price. The gameplay is very addictive, the graphics look good and the controls are really smooth but the game lacks depth. It only has 6 levels at the moment in 2 difficulties but as more are on the way I really recommend this for $0.99.

I still can't believe that this game isn't very popular since it is very polished. I hope lots of people buy this game now it has gone down to $0.99 and try to get this game popular. On a side note the developer has another game that has been submitted called Volcano Planet.

Volcano Planet is now out!

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07-02-2009, 04:09 PM
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I'll give it a go, based on your recommendation.

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07-02-2009, 04:11 PM
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looks good
07-02-2009, 04:34 PM
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instant buy( not gonna wait till it gets more expensive)
07-02-2009, 07:06 PM
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First impressions

I played through all of the current levels on Easy and Hard difficulty and I think this developer has a really solid foundation to build upon; beautifully rendered, convincing 3D worlds, great physics, and a compelling core gameplay goal; smash helpless little people.

What I would like to see, in addition to new levels, would be more to do. Temporary powerups, for instance, could be an interesting and fun addition; WreckingBall to smash more little dewds, FireBall that lights dewds in proximity, cause damage over time, SnowBall freezes dewds, BoostBall to Dash quickly in the current direction of movement, SpringBall to jump over gaps, etc. Maybe have a look at the Metroid Prime series for inspiration.

I just think that there needs to be some other layer of gameplay added to what is there now, whether it's powerups, timed gameplay, obstacles, hazards, gathering dewds of a certain color and dropping them off at wells of the same color, or whatever.

Anyway, enough brainstorming. As I said, I think this is a really good start and I look forward to the update. Good job to the devs and thanks to Palfince for the recommendation.

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07-02-2009, 07:27 PM
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aahhhh its like katamari
ima get ittttt

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