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Stampede 3D!

01-23-2013, 09:47 PM
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Stampede 3D!

Hey TouchArcade,

I want to announce here my latest game for iOS - Stampede 3D!

Stampede brings the controls of games like Diablo or Dota to the causal realm in a title packed with fast-paced arcade survival action rendered in toon style 3D.
Quickly and carefully path your way through the horde or use spells to hold your ground! (Much like a bullet-hell shoot-em-up)

The game-play is a pretty unique combination of other elements, which might be hard to picture so here is a video of some raw game-play (a very hard level late in the game's progression);

Youtube link | Pop Up

As the game progresses survival becomes more difficult with new types of enemies being added into the mix such as enemies that canít be killed, homing enemies and large boss enemies.
To face the increasing intensity of the stampede players can raise their power to fight and escape their foes by using levels ups to upgrade their spells and abilities or to unlocking new characters.
Players can also interact with their environment in order to survive, throw special enemies off your trail by triggering a falling log or leading them into a trap.

Stampede has just been approved for sale on the App Store by Apple and will soon be available on iPad, iPod and iPhone, but I still have some work ahead of me submitting PR and emails etc.

If you want to hear when the game is release and grab it early at a discount price you could follow the facebook page here;
Stampede 3D on Facebook
or alternatively, the game has a twitter page here;
Stampede 3D on Twitter

This should be available on the App Store on the 7th of February
Hope you guys like the look of it ,
01-24-2013, 07:49 AM
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Nice, I like the style.