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iPad: 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games

01-25-2013, 05:15 PM
4-in-1 Kids Animal Games

Check out our new educational app called as 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games. 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games is a fun way for Kids and Toddlers to learn about Animals, the food they eat and play a memory game.
Parents and Kids can also sit together and learn about food chains using the Learn button on the home screen.
The application also has spelling of every animal. This helps the little ones to learn and practice the spelling of each animal. Every animal also makes a sound to aid in the memory of kids. There are 60+ animals available for kids to play with.
The food chain level increases in complexity and helps both kids and adults to understand the food that the animals eat. Move the animals into their shelves to understand how food chains are built. There are 45+ levels of food chains to be played and explored.
The memory level is equally engaging for both kids and adults. Test your memory skills with this fun game. There are 75+ levels in the memory game.
The learn level has 3 pages of information on producers, consumers, herbivores and other animals in the food chain. Elders can sit with their kids and practice reading. This can be made a combined fun bonding exercise for the elders and their kids.

The key features of the application are
- Over 180 levels of engaging fun.
- More than 60 cute animals to engage with.
- Multiple backgrounds based on animals.
- Hours of learning and playing for both the kids and the adults.
- Cool sounds and spellings of the animals helps them learn more about the animals.
- Book style learning pages to learn all about food chains in the animal kingdoms.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.
01-27-2013, 02:05 PM
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The apps' logo looks delicious (especially for a child), I like it a lot.

The title totally lacks character. You probably wanted it to be simple and descriptive. I don't know, I always like a distinctive app title with a special word/name, real or fictitious (you can always change that)

I would make a more appealing set of prerentation images. The 2 images you've posted have a weird, sort of distorted blue stroke around them which gives a really bad impression compared with what promo pictures/videos other developers use. I would have to see a beautiful promo picture/video and after I would proceed to considering installing an iOS app.