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01-30-2013, 11:57 AM
@stratego community

i expect to play as i choose so whether i'm tough or not is none of your frickin concern. you imposing restrictions on how i wish to play is, in my mind, deceptive. this whole thing sounds hokey with your create fake accounts and turn off wifi before launching the game, bypass this, and we're not checking that. why the f&#@ don't you just present the game to us without all of the shenanigans?

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01-30-2013, 04:26 PM
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The game itself is pretty solid. Graphics are good and AI seems pretty decent (and a little difficult). I haven't played any games online yet but will soon. A couple suggestions...

1. Allow the loser to see the setup after the game. I lost my first two games and would have really liked to see where the flag was.

2. If I remember correctly, shouldn't the best/strongest guys start at 1 and weakest at 10? This game has it reversed.

3. IAP sucks. Drop it or the price of the game. You definitely shouldn't have both. If I would have known this I wouldn't have bought it. Like you said, it doesn't change the mechanics of the game since you're not buying an edge but it's the principle. It's like selling me a car for $30k then charging $1k/month to use the radio.

4. There were a couple times when the man would move in the wrong direction. It may be a simple user/fatfinger problem but I don't usually have those kinds of issues with other games.

5. Love the fact that you can save setups. Good job. Maybe add some developer based ones with specific strategies that people can learn from.

6. Definitely need to fix the offline play issue. It's a little arrogant and rude to come to this forum and (even in jest) criticize a potential customer because of the game mechanics. If your intention is to only have this game played online it should be made very clear in the title and description. If not, then fix the game so we don't need to adjust a setting on the iPad before playing the game, that's just bad development. Like a lot of people, I will mostly play offline/single player/AI games. It would be a devastating business model to ignore those gamers.

Overall, I think this game could be really good if these issues get worked out. But until that happens I would recommend holding off on the purchase. If I had known about the IAP and offline issues I wouldn't have bought the game.

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01-31-2013, 01:11 AM
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Ah. If I read correctly, I would have seen the description of the IAP. It seems simply to be visual tchotchke which, while not perfect, at least doesn't change the mechanics. It's still a little iffy being that we are paying a significant premium and aren't really getting much else, other then possibly single player, but I haven't played the PC version.

Next, I am truly and thoroughly disgusted with your flippant attitude. I presume it's a cultural thing, but this isn't the first time a foreign developer has taken this kind of attitude. You think you're being funny. You aren't. You are getting torn apart in reviews everywhere saying that the AI is too hard and there is NO tutorial for people who haven't played the game.

Also, regardless of what you may think, many of us don't want to play against other people. I have many strategy games that I never play on line, and in no way SHOULD I be forced to have that be my only way to play because you've poorly designed the games' AI to be unforgiving and lacking in adaptability is pretty silly.

But the gigantic facepalm is the fact that you're saying "Turn off Wifi, sheesh it's not that hard". It's yet more arrogance.

We are paying a STUPID amount of money for this game. A game that, from my understanding, is no different on the FREE platforms. It contains IAP like the free versions, but also carries an overwhelming price tag. Price tags are FINE, high price tags, I'm fine with it. I paid $10 for World of Goo, $10+ for Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and so on. I buy the IAP for them because it furthers the gameplay, and is no different than buying the physical expansions. But is that what this IAP is? Or is this consumable stuff that otherwise alters gameplay?

But last but not least, no tutorial?? Come now. No board game has ever been lauded for NOT having a tutorial, but many have been lampooned for not. The game is complex enough that there's no reason it shouldn't be there. Just because it's a popular game doesn't mean that it doesn't need an interactive introduction explaining how to play it. This is something that IS necessary, and is another thing that has been mentioned multiple times in the reviews I've read.

Simply put, remove the attitude, RESPECT people wiling to pay you a stupid sum of money for your game, or expect this attitude to spread like wildfire. Nothing is worse than an arrogant Dev who dismisses the people buying their game.

Originally Posted by stratego community View Post
@Mack the Knife like I said you dont need Facebook and you can create a free Stratego account. The idea is you get Online to play against real people instead of the singleplayer/AI. But maybe you are just not tough enough to play against the pro`s? ;-)

To help you out I added the "play singpleplayer without account" to the list and I expect you to buy the game when we add it, deal?

For all other people that don`t like to get an account there is a bypass:

1. register with a fake email, we are not checking this since you are missing out on important updates and special campaigns for extra BattleCoins

2. turn off you wifi internet before you start the game, like I said before you can play offline. This also works if you never created an account
Originally Posted by Mack the Knife View Post
@stratego community

i expect to play as i choose so whether i'm tough or not is none of your frickin concern. you imposing restrictions on how i wish to play is, in my mind, deceptive. this whole thing sounds hokey with your create fake accounts and turn off wifi before launching the game, bypass this, and we're not checking that. why the f&#@ don't you just present the game to us without all of the shenanigans?

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01-31-2013, 03:15 AM
@Bukow Thanks for the feedback points 1 - 5 we agree. We are trying to make a nice offer for all iPad players to compensate for the IAP. Keep reading our Facebook/Twitter and or your email.

Your point 4. are you doing drag-and-drop or are you using the point-and-click to move a piece? You might want to try to use point-and-click if yuo get a lot of mis-moves.

Your point 6. I am not aware of doing any critizism, I am aware of some sarcasm though, but maybe this is misunderstood.

Anyway, we have huge respect for all our (potential) customers that`s why I am responding here. I am open and honest on your questions but I do expect the same respect for us when I`m trying to explain certain things.

Like I said before we are for sure gonna fix the offline issue and we are also working on multiple difficulty levels for the AI.

For you question on the numbering: http://www.stratego.com/ipadfeedback
01-31-2013, 03:21 AM
@Mack the Knife I`m sorry you did not get my sarcasm ;-) I would love to help you out to play our game any way you like.

Like I also said it is a bypass to help you out, for now. We have taken your feedback and will communicate when there is an update on our Facebook/Twitter.
01-31-2013, 03:35 AM
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Things putting me off buying are Facebook login or Stratego account sign up, IAP even though cosmetic, required to be online for single player (or turn wifi off). Some of these things it sounds like you're addressing though so I'll still keep an eye on this. Production wise it looks like its put together nicely.
01-31-2013, 04:54 AM
@september we are working hard on a next update that gives you the possibility to play without any account this will be singleplayer only then. Would this help you?
01-31-2013, 02:57 PM
@andsoitgoes Like I said before I am in no way trying to be arrogant. I am here to clearify things that due to our mistake is not clear. Also on all topics you bring to the attention I try to explain why it is like this now.

1. IAP, we are working on some kind of compensation for our iPad users, check our Twitter/Facebook and your email to stay up to date

2. We get a lot of feedback currently that the AI is too difficult, while in private beta we got messages it was too easy. This is somethign we take seriously and most probable we will offer more difficulty levels

3.We would welcome you to join our test team to see if the new AI meets your standards an help us to improve it, before we release it!

4. I don`t see this as arrogance but if you saw it that way my apologies, as I was trying to help players out to have a solution until we fix the issue

5. See point 1. We will update the App description as well to be more clear

6. We added a link to the registration email with a link to the video tutorial for now. In the next release this will also be shown in the App. (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX2Y5CK5OIY)

7. Like I said apologies if my attitude came across as arrogant. This is in no way like it was meant. I would love to continue this thread with all (potential) Stratego players, where we both treat eachother with respect, have a proper discussion, and see how we can improve our game

To explain a bit more on our release plan:

Top 5 feedback: http://forum.stratego.com/topic/165-top-5-feedback/

Next releases: http://forum.stratego.com/topic/169-upcoming-releases/
01-31-2013, 04:30 PM
@stratego community

i don't want to drag this out, just want to make a point. of the few people who have actually commented in this thread, three have thought your remarks inappropriate. you seem to be the only one who thinks otherwise, that you're innocent, misunderstood. I say no hard feelings about this but the lesson learned should be yours.
01-31-2013, 04:36 PM
@Mack the Knife point taken.

I would love to get some feedback here when we do our next release on iPad.