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Game Impressions

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Nvm it's showing up in search now. Downloading now. I hope it's good

01-30-2013, 07:02 AM
Wow, I am so looking forward to downloading this at midnight UK time, or sometime tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Echoseven View Post
Searching for it on the App Store won't bring it up yet - it hasn't worked like that for as long as I can remember. You can follow the link from the first post to find it, though.
That's not working either - even with logging out of one country and into another.

Edit: Copy and pasting the link worked, just not clicking on it for whatever reason.

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Wow a community of clones...that makes sense in any create-a-Sim game :P Looks like a neat little time waster, looking forward to checking it out.
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Very early in the game but so far it's really fun. There is a short tutorial that shows you how to add people via the cloning technique. It's not really cloning since you do combine two existing people to make a third. They in turn must work in your city so you assign them jobs. The workers, the trees, (so far that is all I got) earn you coins so you can expand your land. There are 150 jobs to discover. I have found 4! My guess will be that the more levels you achieve the longer and harder it will be to produce new jobs.

The one gripe I have is that when you are trying to move around you accidentally hit the expand prompt. It's a little annoying but it could also be operator error on my part because I have only been playing a few minutes. Add: The more I am playing the less this is happening.

Post more later when I get my teeth really into it.

(I know that it is supposed to be wifi only but every time I open it it takes some time to load iCloud data, I wonder what that will do if not in wifi)

Add: You can reset a clone with seemingly no penalty. If the person's job that is created is a duplicate then you can reset and try over. That's a good thing. I need to look more carefully at what effect cloning does to your stats etc.

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Does it have GC achievements?
If so, how many?

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Been interested in getting this for a while now. My only question is does it require you be online in order to play?

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Does it have GC achievements?
If so, how many?
Yes it does have them. Overall it's 39.

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My only question is does it require you be online in order to play?
No, you don`t have to be Online to be able to play it.

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When the houses/businesses collect coins what is the difference between the white and green font that the amounts are? Does it signify anything?

Playing on and off since earlier and it is quite fun. Trying to navigate and establish a strategy but I like how the game evolves and reveals itself as you go along. Very fun!