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Win $100 Gift Card - review TESLA'S ELECTRIC MIST

12-01-2012, 06:30 PM
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Win $100 Gift Card - review TESLA'S ELECTRIC MIST

This contest is now Closed. Winner to be announced within the next few days.

To celebrate the release of our latest game, TESLA'S ELECTRIC MIST. We're giving away a $100 iTunes gift card!

To qualify for the drawing all you have to do is leave a review on the app store, then copy your review into this post.

Here's the iTunes Link:

In addition to the your review entry, you can earn an extra 10 entries into this contest by creating a youtube video about the game and posting the link here.

The contest will run for 10 days and 100 reviews. If after 10 days we haven't received at least 100 reviews, we may extend the contest for another 10 days, until we reach at least 100 reviews.

Note: (The winner's entry will go through a verification process before being announced to insure that the actual review or youtube video belongs to them. Apple seems to filter reviews and they may not show up for 24-48 hrs in some instances. Only reviews that actually appear in iTunes will qualify.)

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12-01-2012, 06:52 PM
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How long will this competition go on for ? Closing date?

12-01-2012, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ThreeCubes View Post
How long will this competition go on for ? Closing date?
Good catch. I just modified the post to include the length of the contest. Basically we're shooting for a hundred reviews within ten days.
12-01-2012, 09:35 PM
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I've finished the game and written a brief review, but unfortunately I can't post it to the app store as I picked up the game via a promo code redeemed via my iPad (redeeming a code through iTunes instead has traditionally always let me post a review).

Still, here 'tis:


I picked this up via a promo code earlier today and knocked it out in about an hour or so; the game was enjoyable enough and showed an obvious level of care, with solid audio and visual detail. There are a couple of those weird "superimposed painted objects" moments, but for the main part the artwork is fine, if more functional than awe-inspiring.

The only real problem with Tesla's Mist is that it suffers that age-old adventure game balance problem, namely, "Do we make the puzzles abstract or logical?" Unlike some adventures that have you picking a lock with a rubber duck, TM pretty much always goes for the obvious solution, in that if you come against an obstacle, you can pretty much figure out what you'll need to overcome it long before you find that item. This isn't a bad thing, and makes for fast-paced gameplay even when you have four or five tasks to do, but ironically the lack of artificial (possibly unfair) restrictions and obscure solutions does tend to cut the length and challenge down somewhat.

The game still needs tidying up, as there are a handful of graphical glitches, a bit of awkward and stilted writing, a bug where you can pick up an infinite number of the same key from the desk in the house, and one puzzle (moonshine still) that is broken in that you can solve it before you even get all of the items you need to do so. The ending is also incredibly abrupt and not particularly satisfying.

On the positive side, the game brings a couple of incredibly welcome features to the game, even if they're not immediately apparent. Using the notepad in the backpack opens up a screen that allows you to flip across pages containing all the clues you've discovered for puzzles, and also provides as a map that shows an image of each of the rooms, along with any unexplored connections. This makes things much easier if you've picked up an item but forgotten where you need to use it; you can simply look at the map and see if there's a path you haven't taken, for example, or scan the images for that music box for which you just found the key. The only thing I'd like to see added is the ability to fast-travel to accessible rooms by tapping on the map rather than marching back and forth across the entire gameworld every minute or so.

The game also has a detailed in-game hint facility (although I didn't find the need to use it), and a handful of achievements for finding and tapping on certain unremarkable items scattered around the various locations. On the whole, I'd recommend Tesla's Mist to those looking for a new iOS adventure game that has you using items and solving puzzles rather than checking off lists of hidden objects. :P
12-02-2012, 04:17 AM
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promo code user


First i am very surprised with artwork,yes i like the graphic and puzzles is good with few challenge puzzles,i found bug with the key on the desk in house on begining(you can click 10 times on desk and you can pick up 10 same keys).Game speed is awesome,no waiting and fast loading.Story is the best thing in the game.I know very good who is Nikola Tesla and i like that i see names from my country in game.Also good part of game is sounds...this game deserve 5 stars and i want to recommend to all,thank you!

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12-02-2012, 10:16 AM
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Got it before the sale but totally worth it, I played the very early beta I'll leave my review later

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12-02-2012, 08:12 PM
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Great point and click puzzle game. Really impressive art work. Got a promo code to check it out, but the game is definitely worth buying.
12-02-2012, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ip4weather View Post
i found bug with the key on the desk in house on begining(you can click 10 times on desk and you can pick up 10 same keys).
This bug has been fixed and will be in the upcoming release.

Originally Posted by ip4weather View Post
i like that i see names from my country in game.
This is cool to hear. We searched to find family names from Tesla's home country to put in this one particular part of the game. We needed a clue, and really wanted it to be something personal to Tesla. It's really awesome to see someone from his home country knew and recognized that.
12-03-2012, 03:59 PM
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We just uploaded version 1.0.1 to apple last night with a bunch of bug fixes. You can check out the bug fixes in our description on iTunes.
12-05-2012, 03:50 PM
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One of our fans, "Appyshka" did the first set of walk-through videos on Tesla's Electric Mist. So, anyone still struggling with any of the puzzles, you could check out Appyshka's walk-through videos on youtube. - Thanks Appyshka, it was awesome to see.