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Starry Nuts-(By Mybo Limited)-Universal App

02-01-2013, 12:49 PM
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Starry Nuts-(By Mybo Limited)-Universal App

Starry Nuts has what it takes to be a fabulous iOS game. If you crave for a game that will accompany you in a relatively long time, Starry Nuts is second to none. The features of this hot game can be seen as follows:

Collecting stars and "shooting" through the level mode.

Even though this game is easy to get your hands on, running your index finger on the screen and incessantly shooting the bats who are attempting to kidnap the elves take a lot more skills and patiences than you can possibly expect. In the level mode, you are not supposed to seek for a way to maximize your score, rather you need to keep the elves from the crowds of greedy bats while collecting the stars fell from sky. But beware the bats will do everything to take the elves by force from your protection. As level's gone up, they become more and more agile and cunning. Every time when you defeat a wave of bats, you will be awarded by a large quantity of stars that could be used to power up your slingshot, increase reload speed or other useful tools. Armed with all the stated, you can more effectively defend the fierce attack from evil bats.

Shoot Down that big bat

The level mode is constituted by a number of stages, and a ginormous bat will appear in each of the stage. All of them are well-trained and are in commend of countless bats, so you have to finish the battle asap before you are overwhelmed by these flying creatures. This is the only way to defeat them. Yet, these giant bats are different from the one you've seen before. They are not easy to shoot down! You have to hone your skills and shoot with more accuracy in order to do so. It's imperative to update your only weapon- slingshot, so that you can eliminate all these obnoxious enemies.

Exciting survival mode that gets you addicted

You are making a fatal mistake if you think you've fully understood the game by completing the level mode. The survival mode, containing the most important content of this great game, will be unlocked after completing the stage 1 in the level mode. If you are getting tired of shooting bats in small batches, you will regain the exciting feeling by playing survival mode. The ceaseless waves of bats are flocking towards the innocent elves, and the stars that could revive the elves are hard to be seen in this mode. In this harsh condition, the only way to move forward is to count on your calm and accurate shooting. Watch your rhythm as you will be short of ammos if shooting too fast.

You don't have to rely only on shooting

In the survival mode, three different skills, limitless chestnuts, frozen slowdown and doom day with meteorites are designed to help you out when you've reached a impasse. If you are short of chestnuts, if you are inept to defend waves of bats, if you can't catch the speed of the bats, you should use these skills with no hesitation. They could help you to reverse the tide in a second. Of course these skills are not free, you have to exchange the stars you've collected for them. Like the other tools in the game, if you have enough stars, you can get your hands on them. What's more, exchange is not the only way to gain these tools. The luck plays a big part when the fortune wheel appears at the end of the survival mode. If you are confident with your fortune, you can give it a shot! Except for these skills, there are a lot more prizes that await you to explore.

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What's New in Version 1.5.0

- Add survival mode!
- Add store goods,Stars pack ON SALE!!!
- Gifts for every one,get snowball for free!

02-01-2013, 01:21 PM
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Game Impressions

It 's a PAID to FREE game, I bought it before, overall it's a good game, with the nuts shooting bats, like the angry birds, this version of the new added survival mode is awesome, quality is better than before.

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02-07-2013, 10:29 AM
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A worthy game to play~
02-07-2013, 10:34 AM
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It's cold in here.

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