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iPhone: Prolix v2.0 is out! - (Promo Codes)

07-03-2009, 09:45 PM
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Prolix v2.0 is out! - (Promo Codes)

Prolix 2.0 was approved this afternoon and is available in the App Store! This new version adds a new game play mode, additional graphics sets, control improvements, and more!

What's New in 2.0:
Added a new game mode. In Time Attack mode, play against the clock with a constant, faster tile speed. Capture words to add time, but when it runs out, the game is over.
Added 2 new tile sets - Sleek and Blocks
Improved code for letter distribution to prevent long strings of consonants or vowels.
Improved touch control of the falling tile
Slightly increased overall speed of Classic mode
Miscellaneous bug fixes
One of the best changes is some subtle control tweaks. Adding more area for touch and less accuracy required should hopefully make the game more controllable in the high levels that move extremely quickly.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Prolix is a word game that differs from the classic "touch the tiles to spell" games. Instead, you move the falling letters to spell words with the speed increasing at each level until you fill the board (or time runs out in Time Attack mode) and the game is over. As you earn points, you will be rewarded with special tiles such as Bombs and Shakes that will help you through the levels. Prolix allows you to play your iPod in the background so you can choose your own music to go with the sound effects while you attempt a high score.

Features of Prolix:
- Classic mode: increasing speed on each level
- Time Attack mode: play against the clock with a faster, constant tile speed
- Special Bomb and Shake tiles. Bomb away unwanted letters and shake your device to scramble and prevent ending the game.
- Random wild tiles to help you capture high scoring words.
- Sound effects that will play over your own music or can be turned off if you choose.
- 6 different tile graphics for you to choose from. Currently included: Wood, Sleek, Keyboard, Blocks, Ivory, and Pirate.
- High score lists allowing you to keep track of your top 10 scores for each game mode
- Automatically saves and pauses when you get a phone call. Quit your game at any time and resume where you left off.
Prolix (iTunes link - $0.99)


I'm going to be giving out 5 Promo codes, one per category, to forum members who meet the following criteria
  1. Member with 1-100 posts
  2. Member with 100-250 posts
  3. Member with 250-500 posts
  4. Member with 500-1000 posts
  5. Member with 1000+ posts

First person from a category to post on this thread will get a free promo code for Prolix!

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I hope Im not too late!

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Interesting way to give out codes.... too bad I'm mired in the middle of a group that's already been claimed. Prolix looks pretty cool, though.
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1000+, or well, 2000+ if you're willing to make a new category

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Guess I'm in the 500-1000 category.

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