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zFPS (WIP) - Shooting zombies never gets old! right?

02-04-2013, 07:48 PM
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zFPS (WIP) - Shooting zombies never gets old! right?

Not the actual title, but we got one in mind.

This game will be an old school doom style shoot'em up FPS. Think of Smash-TV and Doom with light rpg elements. Use a variety of weapons, and traps to dispose of the undead. There's also a bit of rogue like element in that the rooms will be random. Choose wisely or it could be your last.


Random rooms of death!
Toon render
Old school shooter action
Various weapons
Environment traps
Various zombie types
Upgrade system
Challenge system
Created using Unity3D and various Store Assets

I just wanted to show everyone here what we been working on since the end of last year. This will be our 3rd game, and we are trying to get a playable demo by GDC.

I posted before in the Dev section but since we want to get this game noticed more and gauge interest here on the forums and other forums.

Here is my youtube playlist of almost all the videos since the beginning:


We have a steam greenlight concept page setup here >


Help us out, spread the word. We need it. I'll be making updates here or when we officially announce the game.


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