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Looking for developer partner

09-25-2013, 07:44 PM
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Looking for developer partner

Yes, this is the pitch for a revenue split, no upfront iPhone app. If you are not interested, it's better to stop reading now and not waste time. For those developers who are looking for a new opportunity, keep reading.

I have an idea for a social networking app. It's unique, yet may have broad appeal.

What I bring to the table:
1. Idea
2. I will cover cost such as dev account registration, corporate filings, marketing expenses, server cost, etc.
3. Someone who has marketed and promoted apps that have been number one.
4. Minimum 5 hours per week of app related work whether that be marketing or buying server space

What is expected from you:
1. Minimum 5 hours per week

Requirements for applicants:
1. Be able to show portfolio of apps
2. Experience with server related apps

How do you benefit?
1. Equity in the company. I'm going to say right off the bat that the app won't have monetization until we gain a substantial number of users. We will take a snap chat/instagram approach and not monetize. I believe instagram was bought at around $1 billion with 0 revenue. That's the approach we will take.

Please email me at michael@team6labs.com

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