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App description: My best words ever ! is a game where you have to form the best words on a letter grid in order to attain a series of objectives, such as surviving a desert crossing or protecting a princess and her castle against an invasion of Orcs.

With little training, you will be amazed by the rapidity with which you will be able to identify a number of words on a letter grid or on a word search grid!

6 game modes:
- Cross the desert !
- Brighten up all colors !
- Fight the cold !
- Resist stopwatch stress !
- Protect a princess !
- Catch a serial killer !

MyPixelIsAlive's comments:

My best words ever ! is a word game where players are required to form the best possible words on a letter grid to achieve a variety of goals, such as crossing the desert, fighting a nasty infection or defending a princess.

Each game mode proposes an offbeat theme for this type of game and My best words ever ! proposes six modes :

Cross the desert : each word quenches your thirst and allows you to reach an oasis, step by step.

Brighten up all colors : each word allows you to fully clean out the letter grid and reactivate its colors.

Fight the infection : each word allows you to destroy germs that keep growing without control. Use your medicine wisely.

Resist stopwatch stress : each word allows you to earn a little time. Play quickly and favor smaller words.

Defend the castle and its princess : each word allows you to summon defenses against hordes of Orcs. Do not forget to collect the precious items spread out over the battlefield to improve your weapons.

Catch the murderer : find all the hidden clues in the letter grid to locate and stop the killer before he acts again.

Link to the Lite version offering the "Cross the desert" mode : My best words Ever ! Lite

02-06-2013, 03:08 PM
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Game Impressions

Really good word game for lovers of this type of game.

Most impressive is the different modes that you can play in. Each of them is very different than the other and provides a full challenge for anyone playing. I won't go into the modes since you can see the descriptions above, but just know that they really do add to the game.

I've been playing on my iPhone and I have to admit that it is a bit of a struggle at times to make sure that you hit the right boxes with your swipes. I've had to go over areas a few times because the game has registered a different box than the one I wanted to hit. Slowing down helps, but many of the games have a time limit so that can be a little frustrating. I'm sure that this is not a problem on the iPad. And, it's not TOO bad on the iPhone, but it is worth bringing up for people with "big fingers".

As much as I really like this game, I do have to bring up an issue with the lack of descriptions and objective explanations in the rules.

For instance, I started by playing the "desert" mode and was told to get the guy across the desert and something about finding water. I start making words, but then noticed that some of the blocks are a little darker. I'm thinking that these must be the water I was looking for so I make words using those blocks. In the end I had three blocks left and my guy didn't make it all the way. Apparently the objective for the mode is to clear the screen. If I had been told that at the beginning, I would have played the board differently.

The "Infection" game seems to be a "survive as long as you can" board and there are new rows of letters that come up from the bottom. This is simple enough, but there are pills that appear on the board with no description of what they do. Are they good or bad? you don't know until you figure out how to activate them. A quick screen before the game started to tell you what to do would have really helped.

I really like the "Brighten Up The Colors" board. There is a very nice strategy of using every box within the time limit that I found fun. You don't have to use every letter since once you use one it's off the board and replaced from below, but you do have to use every box. Great board.

I haven't tried the others yet, but will.

I just really think that a quick screen to give you the objectives of each board and things like what each pill does, would have been very helpful.

There is a tutorial, but it's pretty basic. However, it does bring up another new feature with this game. You can start a word in one place and then finish in another. You can spell "HOU" in one location and then "SE" in another to get "HOUSE". While this is pretty cool, and original, I have to admit that I haven't used it yet because I get in a zone of looking for letters in one location. I will have to give it a try.

There is no Game Center for the game and that is a little sad. It's something that could really add to the game.

The game really is fun and original. I still think that a little more work could've gone into the description of the modes, but after a while you can figure them out. The game is at a low price and should be purchased by any word game lover. And there is even a Lite version to test the waters.

Here's hoping the game catches on enough that they'll fix the little problems and add Game Center.

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02-07-2013, 12:34 PM
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Been playing the "Defend the Castle" mode for a while now and it's quite fun. Basically you spell words that then send arrows at the waves of attackers. There are power ups on the board that you unleash when you spell a word over them. You can also get coins for doing the same thing and they allow you to upgrade your weapons.

It's definitely a fun mode and would be worth the buck on it's own.

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02-07-2013, 03:32 PM
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@QuickWit : Thank you very much for your review,
and sorry for the lack of help at the beginning of the game modes. This is definitely something I need to add to the next update.

In the game mode "Cross the desert", the letters represent water and darker boxes are ice cubes that allow you to run along more distance. You are the small guy at the top right corner of the screen and your goal is to arrive at the oasis with the available letters. If you use all the letters without reaching the oasis, or if you can not create word with the letters remaining, the game assumes that you died of dehydration and your death is taken in account when you start a new game or when you return to the main menu. The pause menu shows the results of past crossings, with a little happy guy for a OK crossing and a little cooked guy for a KO crossing.

For now, I've always dismissed the study of the addition of Game Center. For the future, I thought rather work on adding a hall of fame of the words that the player uses, with the possibility to share it with his friends to shine in society or not ... , And a multiplayer mode that would use some of the gameplay mechanics of the tower defense mode.

Excuse me for my shortcomings in English.