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Free to Paid Conversion rates

02-06-2013, 11:54 AM
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Free to Paid Conversion rates

Well WorldAlpha Sniper has been out now for just over 6 months. We have a free version and paid version. We have had 809 purchases, and 187,354 free downloads for a 0.004% conversion rate. Ugh. I realize the game isn't quite as good as I hoped it would be. At $1.99, I know I could reduce it down to $0.99 and will soon. Still that conversion rate does see rather small. Is this typical for iOS? Apart from ads, is there any ways to monetize the 187,354? If I had 187,354 email addresses that would be great, but only 220 have signed up to our newsletter. Thoughts?

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02-06-2013, 09:35 PM
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Monetize with IAP and/or full screen interstitials. In our game Flaming Ferret we show a full screen Chartboost ad on launch and then a full screen Playhaven ad between levels. The eCPM is around $5.00-$12.00 for the ads. Also, we have IAP for coins to buy upgrades. What is interesting is that we get more of the top tier IAP than any other. I suppose it is because you get the most bang for your buck with that one.
02-07-2013, 06:23 AM
It's still early days for our first game, WIT, but 5% of the user accounts created in the database are paid users, which I'm happy about. From the iTunes connect reports though, sales vs. downloads is more like 3% so it seems we get a lot of downloads from people who don't even open the game. Does anyone else experience this and is there anything we can do to convert more of those downloads into players (who at least bother to open the game).

@panzeriti, we're also using ChartBoost but barely seeing any income. The weekly eCPM is often $0. Is this simply because we don't have enough users yet?

Thanks for pointing out Playhaven too. I'll take a look at this. What are your experiences compared with ChartBoost?

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