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iPhone: Need help with iCade controller using Gridlee Mame Emulator

02-13-2013, 07:25 PM
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Need help with iCade controller using Gridlee Mame Emulator

I bought an Icade core controller for my iPad and using Gridlee which is alsoa MAME4iOS mame emulator.

Everything is working fine but have some problems with the controls which makes many games hard to play and the joystick does not behave like a real arcade joystick for many games.

For example if you are playing Donkey Kong and holding the joystick to the right it works fine but as your are holding it to the right and if you press slightly up or down he stops walking until you get it centered again. With the normal arcade machine he will always walk to the right and does not matter if you are pressing up and down as long as you are holding right.

Also Pacman does not feel normal also while playing and many times.

I see that pressing right on the joystick sends the "d" character and if you press up it sends the "w" character you have to press back down to send the "e" character before the action of going right will continue.

I have tried playing with all the settings with the mame emulator and not figure out what settings I need to make it behave normal. Anybody know what settings will work correctly so it behaves like a normal arcade machine?