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Air Tycoon Online: a user review

04-10-2013, 03:32 PM
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Air Tycoon Online: a user review


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Game video clip:

If you are familiar with "tycoon type games" this is by far the best tycoon game available on the App Store. Air Tycoon Online is Tradegame Lab's sequel and 3rd version to the successful Air Tycoon 1 and 2 (both of them are worth downloading -- check them out!) which are both high quality and as addictively entertaining. The major difference is that this version is played online against up to 300+ real live players.

Basically the objective of the game is to build and financially manage an airline and make your way to the top against real worldwide players.

At the moment the game has two time scenarios, one starting at 1960, the other 1970. A new player can join either one of the time scenarios. The game server generates a new channel (a new game) every time a channel is filled up with 350 players. This is a uniformly turn-based game - meaning the game progresses to one month every 2 hours and the game runs until 2030. New airports open up and new aircraft are timely introduced as the game moves forward in time. Accurate aircraft models are precisely introduced - and phased out - as they did in the real world.

The game is high quality and has so much attention to details. The graphics in this game is amazing. I have always been a follower of tycoon games -- both in PC and iOS platforms -- and this is by far one of the good ones I've ever played and easily the best tycoon game there is in handheld devices platform.

This game is definitely worth the buy.

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