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FREE App Source Code

02-13-2013, 06:59 PM
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FREE App Source Code

Hey, I work for Apptopia, an online marketplace for iPhone and Android App acquisitions and sales. As part of our services, we set up deals between sellers and potential buyers, guarantee secure payments, and provide legal protection for both sides of the deal.

Recently we had a buyer on Apptopia who nearly 1 month after their app acquisition, filed a charge back with VISA stating their card was used fraudulently (the most generic/common “checkbox”). Keep in mind this user:

-Has logged into Apptopia on 41 separate occasions.
-Signed a Purchase & Sale agreement.
-Made 2 payments (the first $150 deposit, and then after receiving our invoice made the 2nd payment voluntarily for the remainder of the balance).
-Had a lengthy conversation with both my Transfer Team & Google’s Support team, all in regards to transferring the application into his developer account.
I provided all of this information very diligently, organized, and on time to the credit card company and disputed the chargeback. They recently got back to me and explained that they have blindly awarded the case to the buyer as he found a very small, very specific loophole with using a foreign credit card.

*Please note we have since taken extra measures to protect against this in the future. So for anyone who thinks this is a blueprint on how to get apps for free…think again =)

The Logic
I have 2 major issues here. First, to do a chargeback when you are buying software and or intellectual property rights is repugnant. Its something you can never give back. No matter what. It can never be deleted. And you know this when you are making the acquisition.

Second, its straight up disrespectful to knowingly steal money from a small business helping your community. Now just to be clear Apptopia is growing as fast as it ever has before, but we still do not have 10s of millions of dollars in the bank and we have ongoing expenses. So, money being stolen from us like this does have an impact.

My logic is simple; now that Apptopia owns this app I want to share it with the community. There is little value we could get from this app ourselves, but I figured that sharing this code, and all of its assets would be extremely valuable to the community. And frankly that is what Apptopia is all about. It’s why my co-founder Eli and I quit out jobs to build this platform to begin with.

I highly recommend that you download the code below, and share it with all of your friends. Perhaps there is a valuable element in there you can use, learn from, or test with. Who knows? But this one is on us. Enjoy!

Source Code:
The App

Hard Rock Player

What It Does

Links to rock and roll videos and clips from around the world. It allows you to watch the top rated, most viewed, and newest hard rock videos around. Using the random video function can even surprise you. With the “My Clips” function you can also easily create a personal playlist. Simple, but useful.

In order to download the code, go to Apptopia.com, click on our blog, and go to the first post titled Free Source Code where you can download the code FOR FREE. (Because I'm a new user I'm not allowed to post external links. Fair enough)

Comment if you have any questions??