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App description: *** Thanks to the 1000000+ players who have already fallen in love with Fleet Combat, and helped us to No.1 in several countries! ***

Are you tired of the Defense games that towers never move? Are you bored with those games that you always win? We players call for a Defense Revolution, and the revolution has come.

Say goodbye to stupid AI and almighty heroes, and welcome the revolutionary FleetCombat!As a fleet commander, you will lead in epic future naval battles, utilize your high-tech ships to bring victory to your people. Sometimes we chase storms, sometimes we are the storm. FleetCombat will give you the most fascinating gaming experience

20 soul-stirring battles
3 types of sea waters
15 kinds of ship borne artilleries
20 kinds of missiles
25 kinds of aircrafts
25 kinds of playing modes
And a huge amount of various naval vessels of 5 categories and 30 kinds

-Beautiful and Delicate-
There are the grand world map, the attractive blue sea, the different styles of islands and the various elegant warships. You will feel immersive!

-The Free and Flexible Weapons Collocation-
15 kinds of the automatic weapons and 70 kinds of manual weapons
Free combination according to the different carrier abilities and the weapon weight
To structure the Defensive Matrix through using the weapons of the different ranges
To promoting the maximum damage output in an unit time through controlling the cooling time of the weapons

-The Abundance Combat Factors-
10 shapes of the enemy warships
In different battles, the enemy warships equipped with different weapons
Various especial fleets totaling 25 kinds
Various soul-stirring battles such as pursuit and attack, breaking through, defensive and so on.

-The huge but easy Upgrade System-
All of the weapons can be unlocked and upgraded through getting EXP in the battles.
Various warships can be got through using the level starts got in every battles.

-The Attractive and Dynamic Original Music-
The mystery in the open, the grandness in the world map, the enthusiasm in the shipyard, the exciting one in the battles, the intension in the decisive battles, the relieved feeling in the end There are 6 original songs to bring the top experiences to you!

If you want to get more information, please pay attention to the following contents:
video trailer- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr0-8YJASNg
email- triadgene@gmail.com
facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Triad-Gene/532690203432132
twitter- https://twitter.com/TriadGene

strivemind's comments:

Separate HD Version
02-16-2013, 12:05 AM
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Anyone TOFTTAT hopefully and can advise how it be?

I love TDs so hoping this one is good! A video/trailer would be priceless as always.

Any information much appreciated of course.

Thanks in advance!

02-16-2013, 03:53 AM
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02-16-2013, 02:50 PM
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So I broke down and bought it...

It's pretty fun if a little hectic. It is a combination of tower defense where you can move your ships and very reminiscent of a similarly styled and titled game Fleet Command (HD). You have four classes of ships, each with anywhere from 15 or more types of upgrades for each ship type, on top of the numerous special upgrades... So there is a lot of upgrading to be had, though I am too early in to know how much they impact gameplay or how much the game ramps up to demand them, or how soon.

You tap anywhere to pull up the ship build queue, select the ship you want, pay the price if you have it and pick where you want the ship to anchor when it enters the map. Each ship has three or four slots to place attacks of your choice (you start with one or two each ship type and need to buy more to fill those other slots). They have an automatic fire detection radius but you can click on each ship and move the to a new location, or queue up an attack type and then tap where you want it to attack if you want to attack out of your defensive range. This is where it can get cumbersome as things get hectic and you get numerous enemy ships pouring onto the map, it is very easy to mistakenly move when you mean to attack, select the wrong ship or attack in the wrong spit when you meant to move. The ship control and management could be better implemented and can lead to some fumbled moments. With that said it is still playable if a somewhat flawed or daunting control scheme. I think a line drawing mechanic for movement would have worked better so that firing and movement confusion could be avoided.

You can upgrade each class of ship with "Ace EXP" which you can earn through gameplay or purchase via IAP with packets that start from .99 and end at $45 and $99 offering the most bang for your buck. The payout for stages with the experience is somewhat paltry, meaning that the gameplay leads to a bit of grinding in order to do any type of upgrading for your ships. Just doing the first stage paid out 16 experience where the lowest level upgrade for one particular ship, one particular upgrade type cost 60 experience. The higher end upgrades cost in he 6k+ EXP range, and with numerous upgrades for each ship type, one can imagine that the grinding will get pretty heavy early on.

I will have to spend more time with this to give it any solid answer as to whether I actually like or recommend it. Right now I find it tentatively interesting until I get further into the meat of it. As it stands it is a solid game with solid visuals and sound, a consistent style to its art direction, a somewhat laughable premise (the writing for the "story" is odd) that serves to establish the game world, and solid if at times cumbersome gameplay mechanics. It is still pretty fun to play so far. Right now I am not regretting my purchase but I can see some grinding in my future...

This is based on the iPad version.

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02-16-2013, 03:53 PM
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^^ Thanks man!

Wish listed.
02-16-2013, 06:38 PM
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No problem! BTW, I need to correct myself! There are five classes of ships: Super Carrier, Carrier, Destroyer, Minesweeper and Battlecruiser... All named after real U.S.N. ships FYI. As retired navy I felt compelled to buy this on principle, hehe!

Also, you can directly upgrade the classes with stars you earn from stages, so if you get three stars, you can use that to upgrade a ship class on top of upgrading the types of attacks (again, that uses that EXP stuff).

If anyone has any other questions I will try to answer and try to track this thread if need be! Hope I helped!

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02-28-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by jarodx View Post
Here I find this trailer video...

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msQtAFZzy_4
Looks pretty fantastic, but based on Bool's impressions I'm a little hesitant. I usually avoid games that require excessive grinding for experience. If the stick is too long, the donkey loses sight of the carrot...

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04-12-2013, 01:50 PM
Game Impressions

I regret that I haven`t played it earlier since it`s really decent