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Favorite "expensive" iOS game

02-19-2013, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by KennyK View Post
I'm jealous
Reminds me, I gotta order that icade core off of Amazon, forgot about that completely cause of RR3 and the lounge games.

Good to see ya around kenny. I just hope someday wireless bluetooth joysticks are the norm, they are great. But so is hdmi tv, sigh, maybe I should stop here. Hehe...
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02-19-2013, 05:59 PM
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02-19-2013, 11:27 PM
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Cave Games (got about half of them, my fav is Bug Panic)
Chaos Rings 2 (I have Omega too but didn't like it)
The Walking Dead

Oh well I spent about 40 USD on Punch Quest

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02-21-2013, 12:11 AM
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bought and wishlist

some bought and many on my wishlist...gets hard to spend more then $2-$3

wrestling revolution pro (A MUST GET!)
playdek (A MUST GET!) fluxx, penny arcade, food fight, ascension
minecraft pe
samurai bloodshow
pocket rpg
walking mars
demons' score
spaceward ho
blood beach
dungeon hunter hd
dungeon hunter 2 hd
modern combat: sandstorm hd
gangstar west coast hustle hd
real tennis hd
gangstar miami vidication hd
modern combat 2 black pegasus hd
sleepmaker all in one
the bluecoats north vs south
neuroshima hex
scottland yard
the amazing labyrinth hd
timepassages pro
warbirds p-51 mustang ace
battle of wwii
ticket to ride
infinity blade 2
small world for ipad
starmap pro
starmap hd
skysafari 3 pro
catan hd
redshift - astronomy
war of the roses
lost cities
forbidden island
san juan
puerto rico hd
spectromancer hd
avernum 6 hd
space miner hd
ramses 2 hd
elder sign omens hd
reiner qin
dominant species for ipad
tecmo bowl throwback
avadon hd
skies of glory battle of brit
king of dragon pass
battle of the bulge
buldur's gate
battle academy
reiner samurai
lux dlx 2
modern combat 4 zero hour
nova 2
assassin's creed
autumn dynasty
highborn hd
ghost stories the boardgame
callapsible D
yggdrasil for ipad
might and card golden
alien frontiers
kingdom builder
kingsburg serving the crown
north & south - the game
titan hd
reiner kingdoms
phantom leader
land air sea warfare hd
metal slug 1
metal slug 2
metal slug 3

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02-21-2013, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by mrbiggles View Post
some bought and many on my wishlist...gets hard to spend more then $2-$3
Wow, nice list. But I can't believe you were actually bothered to type all that
02-21-2013, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by KennyK View Post
Wow, nice list. But I can't believe you were actually bothered to type all that
Deleted games, only a couple from my massive list...

Karateka 957
Wimp hd 515
Fifa 13 1.7 gb
Jet set radio 842
Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 2 712
Shadowgun Deadzone 241
GTA 3 689
Brainsss 433
Lazy raiders 722
Mushroom wars 537
Machinarium 194
Iphoto 176
Photoshop express
TBottom of ninth 271
Serenity 475
Thor 373
Orc vengeance 633
Horn 1.8 gb
Modern Combat 4
Street fighter tekken 1.3 gb
Tom clancy's rainbow 6 1.1 gb
Backstab 922
Air mail 732
Tentacles 473
Bladeslinger 537
Invader hunter 515
Captain america 277
Mirror's edge hd 137
Blood and Glory 2 478
Perfect cell 310
Asphalt 7 1.4 gb
Real racing 2 hd 1.1 gb
Sonic racing 362
Fragger hd
Dream of pixels
Crazy hedgy 527
Warzone anomaly hd 147
Summitx snowboarding 226
Snowboard hero 479
Tiger woods 2012 420
Command and conquer red alert 506
Amoebattle 156
Marvel vs capcom 2 221
Super monsters ate my condo
Crow 496
Nova 3 1.7 gb
Modern combat 3 1.8 gb
Shadowgun 356
Lara croft hd 408
Gene effect 207
Trigger fist 198
Infinite warrior 177
Ku 943
Super monkey ball sakura edition 417
March on oz hd 482
Plight of the zombie 107
The dark knight returns 1.5 gb
Gangster rio 1.7 gb
Deadspace 827
Grand theft auto chinatown wars hd 768
Amazing spiderman 1.4 gb
Galaxy on fire 2 hd 1.2 gb
Galaxy on fire 2
Galactic phantasy prelude 870
The act 697
Epoch 247
Justice league 324
Batman arkham 1.6 gb
Avenger's initiative 1.4 gb
The Bard's tale 1.7 gb
Mass effect infiltrator 1.2 gb
Infinity blade 948
Megaman x
Mission Sirius hd 957
Mission sirius
Gyro13 492
Wind-up knight 96
God of blades 349
Totem runner
Zombie tsunami
Last knight 292
Ultimate mortal kombat 3 418
Reckless getaway
Critter escape 211
Verticus 194
Gears 187
Ibomber defense pacific
Prince of persia classic hd 215
Need for speed hot pursuit 784
NFS shift 2 370
Street bike full blast 128
Death rally 180
Another world
Night flight
Asteroids 3d 2012
This could hurt 354
Spider: the secret of bryce manor hd
Smash cops 509
Moto heroz hd
Steamscope hd 432
Angry birds seasons hd 313
Mooniz hd 529
Draw race 2 hd 446
Gemkeeper 377
Spy mouse hd 133
Squids wild west 278
Madden 2012 hd 371
Nba jam hd 290
Monopoly for ipad 931
Aralon hd 490
Free2die 302
Razor salvation 230
Lock n load 519
Sminis 252
Space hunter sandra
Alien zone
Era 242
Bring me sandwiches
League of evil
Kids vs goblins 214
Zenbound 2 237
Catch the candy
Fifa 12 1.4 gb
Wrestle jump
Band together 259
Shark dash
Aiko island hd
Rinth island
Token dancer
Sonic jump
Pin tiki 67
Bubble mania 111
Non flying soldiers
Commando jack
Tap dragon drop
Avenging spirit
Bag it!
Dream track nation
Babel rising 3d
Geo walk hd
Call of atlantis 186
Emperor galactics domination hd
Sky gnomes 246
Candy guard 183
Warm gun 348
Duscati challenge hd 540
Paper racer hd
Blonde vs brunette racing
Starracing hd 347
Axon runners hd
Subway surfers
Rail rush
Super penguins
The end app
Steel runner
One epic knight
Temple run 2
On the wind
Ninja joe
Unicorn rush
Cute kill
Demolition dash hd
Grand theft auto chinatown wars 650
Lightning fighter 171 222
Absolute instant 111
Star warfare 255
Supermagical 436
02-21-2013, 02:21 AM
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Spend $10 on Dead Space for iPad.

That was worth it.

Pretty sure I bought all the NOVA and MC games on full price too expect for MC4.

Infinity Blade I and II were both worth it.
02-21-2013, 11:27 PM
Phantom leader for me.