ECHO - hear to play | Promo Codes

02-17-2013, 07:02 AM
ECHO - hear to play | Promo Codes

Dear TA community,

last weekend I launched my little arcade game ECHO. It is basically a very simple space flying game, where you must avoid crashing into hostile objects passing the screen by tilting the device (accelerometer). Once you crash - GAME OVER.

The twist comes over time (2-3 minutes),when ECHO will turn dark completely and you are required to locate the hostile objects via your sense of hearing.

I am working on ideas for a Version 1.1 and would love to get feedback from passionated and open minded iOS gamers.

To be clear - ECHO is no casual, easy game. It gets very hard very soon and it also takes a few minutes per try to play...

Here are some Promo Codes. I pushed an updated to Apple today, so comment here if they are all used/invalid - I am happy to create new ones.


Some screenshots:

Some (lame I guess) videos are also on the game's page [URL=""][/URL]

May I kindly ask you to test the game and let me know your thoughts (either here or via twitter/email)?

Oh - and yes, ECHO is fully accessible and already quite a few player from the visually impaired community are playing it.

02-17-2013, 02:39 PM
Thanks a lot dihpadilha. I am wondering, you are the only one replying and after the one code was redeemed, the next 4 seem to be redeemed nearly simultaneously...

Is there some RSS feed on those threads ?

However, I am happy to

a) hear feedback on my little game
b) give out more codes -> just PM me

Best regards,