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Name change

07-05-2009, 03:57 PM
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Name change


I've developed a game called Gragvio (might check it out if you like ) and I'm considering changing its name. I have to mention I have an update comingÖIíll submit it today or tomorrow
However, I have a little problem that you might help me with...
Does somebody know...if I'm to change the name of the app, will I be able to go further with the update? I mean, the update would be for Gragvio, but is it ok?...will it be recognized as Gragvio, however under another name?
Hope Iíve made myself understood...I'm not too good explaining things 
07-05-2009, 05:08 PM
The way to change the displayed application name in Xcode is to change
the "Product Name" entry in your Target's Build Info pane. To do this:

1. Select your Target on the left side under Groups & Files
2. Select
File > Get Info
3. Select the Build tab
4. From the Configurations
popup, select All Configurations
5. In the search box, type in "product name"
6. Double-click the entry field and type in the new name of your
product, and select OK.
7. In your Info.plist, change your Bundle Display Name and your Bundle
Name appropriately.
8. Do a clean build (Build > Clean all targets; Build > Build)
07-05-2009, 07:01 PM
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You can change the iTunes / AppStore game name from iTunesConnect any time you want. It will show up with the new name, even though the name on the actual device is different. Apple haven't closed this loophole yet, but don't even think of submitting a game update with a different name from the original game, unless you want to be at the end of the loooooooong queue again.