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Rift Warrior: TD + ARPG

06-10-2013, 09:16 AM
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Rift Warrior: TD + ARPG

Expected to be released in later June 2013.

* Modern weapons v.s. Ancient Monsters
* Bloody battle
* Different skills and character builds, you can focus on either improving personal battle skills or enhancing weapons
* Tower weapon system+ character building
* Control your player to fight monsters under the cover of tower weapons, NOT just building tower alone!
* Various beautiful hand drawn game stages

In this game, your main character was a gangster from modern age, but he was sent to ancient time full of monsters from fairy tales. He has to fight by himself, using modern knowledges to build weapons. While keeping struggling in the monster world, he also tries to figure out where he is and how to come back home...

Stay tuned!