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iPhone: Fairy On Moon - Coming soon...

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02-19-2013, 04:31 AM
Joined: Jun 2012
Posts: 24
Fairy On Moon - Coming soon...

Waiting for your granny to narrate a good fairy tale..? Give a chance to your iPad and iPhone to bring back the joy of fairy…!!!
Kids or teens both have the same impulse towards fairy tales now here's a chance to play with your own fairy so try this FairyOnMoon.
Everyone loves to burst balloon's here's the chance to burst them with a lovely fairy pricking with her magic stick.
If you are missing fairy tales in recent times play this game and have great fun.
Fairy with a magic stick sitting on a moon waiting for you to help her out to prick the balloons and have a memorable playtime.
Every balloon you prick makes the fairy smile and increases your points.
As you proceed to higher levels there is chance for you to rescue life's of little butterfly's which are tied inside the balloon hold on its not that easy to be a rescuer.
Some balloon’s are fixed with explodes better be careful with your fairy's life never take her life for granted if you prick the wrong balloon you explode your lovely fairy.

Game plan - (Guidance to complete the game)

It’s a single player game where you guide the Fairy to prick the continuos flow of ballons.
Fairy has to gain 100 points in every level to enter the next level of the game, you have a chance to miss few balloons in every level.
Every level points to be gained will be increased in the multiples of hundred.
As you go ahead in the stages the frequency of the balloons will increase along with their speed.
Some ballons have tiny butterflies in it. Make sure you save those butterflies by pricking the ballons
And do avoid the ballons which have bombs in it..!

Attractive Features

Colorful fairy on the moon with beautiful blue sky in the background.
Attractive castle around which the fairy moves.
Colorful balloon’s moving around the screen.
Lovely sound effects.
Popup screens come when you cross every stage.
Has a navigating button which makes easy to move your fairy around the screen.

02-20-2013, 08:17 AM
Joined: Jun 2012
Posts: 24
The wait is over. Here is your Fairy

Still waiting for your granny to narrate a good fairy tale..? Give a chance to your iPad and iPhone to bring back the joy of fairy…!!! Fairy On Moon now available for iPhone and iPad. Go ahead and download your free copy soon..!