App description: Appeared dungeon game play 1000 times!
Terrain of dungeon changes every time! ?
Variety of items, monsters, some of personality dungeon,
Trying to complete!

Full version Introduction
* Ads will disappear
* Add third weapon button
* Add weapon switch button
* Add pierce switch button
* Add other dash button
* ITEM BOX 3 (Deposit 20.000G)
* Add pad type 2
12-19-2014, 07:11 PM
I tried the first dungeon and found the key. After going back to town, I
entered another dungeon. I noticed that my health re-set back to the
beginning Hp once again. That turned me off as I at least like to see some
progression with my characters.

So it was a delete for me.
01-05-2015, 07:14 PM
I played through all the dungeons available and had a blast (May go back and maxout some other equipment). The loss of level is annoying at first, but you need to focus on leveling/plating equipment, learning enemy attacks/movement/weaknesses, and surviving random roguelike junk. You can unlock an item combining shop with 9000 gold . I know the level loss upon dungeon exit may be a turnoff, it's like each dungeon is a progressively longer/more difficult individual roguelike. I hope that we get some more weapons/dungeons, I would happily pay for more content as iap.