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App description: If you want to see another day, kill them!!

Last night, after the meteor shower people around have turned into zombies. If you want to survive, you have to leave this town! Grab whatever you can, kill the zombies and leave this place

When should you take out the ZC and blast them zombies??
1.After youve order you coffee.
2.When commuting to work.
3.When you are in a boring meeting.
4.When you are take a toilet break.
5.Whenever you feeling killing some zombies.

1.Pull the pump lever and aim at them zombies. You can pump like crazy but I wouldnt suggest you do so.
2.Remember to switch weapon when facing stronger zombies.
3.Sara provides 3 weapons with 9 upgrades to help you defeat zombies.
4.You are surrounded by 8 types of zombies
5.Travel across 3 maps with 15 stops, survive and search for hope.
6.Horrific art and screaming.
7.Who doesnt like to kill zombies?

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