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App description: Don't Run. Stand out. Fight.

1. Thrilling combat: Jade Ninja is a COMBAT CENTRIC game, not a me-too obstacle evasion endless runner. You must act wisely and attack sharply as a true ninja.

2. Japanese-style Stage Settings: Fighting on the Japanese tile roof, desolate battlefield, abandoned temple and many other stylish scenes.

3. Boss Battles: Bosses are waiting for your challenge in Shadow Mode! Can you defeat them all?

4. Armed with Ninja Weapons: Performing a balancing act on the choice between Katana, Blade & Spear

5. Distinctive Characters: Protect Ninja Girl, Samurai, Witch & Assassin from chasing troops

6. Various Opponents: 30+ types of enemy including ninja, bandit, ghost, skeleton shogun and a lot more

7. Collect Mystic Jades: 6 kind of jades to gain extra abilities

8. Unleash Ninja Powers: 5 types of powerful scroll help you annihilate enemies

To protect the beloved one, we choose to join Jade Ninja. When you become one of us, will you protect her at all costs? Stand out and fight for your faith!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9DUzQ8y-0w
Website: http://www.jadeninja.com

HalfLucifer's comments:


GREAT NEWS! Jade Ninja has been featured on App Store including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore & 10+ countries on Oct. 3!

Jade Ninja has been featured as one of the "Made in Taiwan Games" on App Store. It is really really a great honor for us!

No, Jade Ninja has nothing like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, although these games are awesome. At the first impression, you might think Jade Ninja is a mediocre endless-runner game, but actually Jade Ninja is a combat-centric game, not a evasion-focused game.

If you would like to play a real ninja style game featuring intense gameplay and challenging opponents, you can't miss Jade Ninja.

Jade Ninja 2.0 New Trailer

Bosses. Are. Coming.

Take a sneak peek at the new storyline!

The Dark Force is rising...

Master Tao: To save our country, you both must find The Ultimate Scroll and bring it back

Jade: Come with me!

Read more >> http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...=178999&page=3

What's New in the v2.1 update

- Unlock the first stage in Shadow Mode to unlock Daily Challenge Mode
- Log in Game Center to play
- Challenge once a day
- Sudden death: one life point only
- Get 2x GOLD & COIN from treasure boxes
- Check your ranking in the Daily Challenge leaderboard

- He has higher dodge rates than any other character in normal status. When his life is low, he will turn into “berserker” to gain 3x critical rate and 2x dodge rates.

- Upgradable Lv13 Katana “Light Saber”
- Upgradable Lv13 Blade “Bloody Chainsaw”
- Upgradable Lv13 Spear “Holy Spear”
- Adjust the value and price for high level weapons

- Find the “Ninja Cat” hiding in the game, and you will have a chance to get FREE golds & coins!

- It includes the legendary thief, 80 golds and 20,000 coins -- the best deal for novice ninjas!

- Exchange golds for 200,000 coins for your convenience

- Fix some minor usability issues
- Improve game performance

If you love Jade Ninja, please help us by rating it 5 stars and leave your comments on App Store. You may send us your opinion to support [at] monkeypotion.com if you want to talk to Master Tao. Any suggestion and feedback is welcome. We seriously take care of all feedback and always reply each mail we got. We will work hard to bring you more challenging and interesting contents in the near future. Thank you for all your support!

What's New in the v2.0 update

Now you can enjoy slashing enemies on your iPhones & iPads!

5 bosses are waiting for your challenge in Shadow Mode. Can you defeat them all?

Enter Dojo and Shadow Mode to watch the story!

A legendary thief who can get 3x coins from enemy drop, better chance to get golds when picking rewards and higher dodge rate against any attack

Jade of Protection: it can protect innocent people from hurt, reduce all damages by half & increase dodge rate against any attack

Add 2 new Game Center leaderboards including "Lifetime Distances" and "Bosses Hunted". Who can rank Top 10?

- Combo effects can push all enemies back for a short distance
- Add one new enemy: Fire Skull
- Scroll effects can coexist now
- Increase the power of blades
- Increase the power and critical rate of spears
- Increase the max energy for all characters

There is one secret ninja hiding in the game. Can you find her?

What's New in v1.4

[+] iPhone5 Retina 4-inch wide screen support
[+] NEW STAGE: Monster Forest
[+] NEW STAGE: Demon Abyss
- Onmyouji
- Raccoon
- Kamaitachi
- Kappa
- Evil Wheel
- Daruma
- Karakasa
- Little Oni
- Blue Oni
[+] The protected characters now can dodge attack
- Ninja: she has average dodge rate against any attack
- Samurai: she has higher dodge rate against bomb attack
- Witch: she has higher dodge rate against attack from ghosts
- Assassin: he has higher dodge rate against ranged attack
[+] Combo effects for the protected characters:
- 20 combos: speed up
- 50 combos: coin drop rate up
- 100 combos: critical rate up
[+] New purchaseble golds
[+] Right-handed & Left-handed settings
[+] Innocent people are harder to be hurt accidentally

[+] Balance game difficulty and game pacing thoroughly
[+] Fix the "white rectangle" bug
[+] Improve performance for iPod Touch devices

Game Genre

Arcade & Action

Game Description

“Don’t Run. Protect.”

Ninjas, must endure what others can not. To protect the beloved one, we choose to join Jade Ninja.

When you become a Jade Ninja, will you protect her at all costs?
  • Japanese-style Stage Settings: Fighting on the Japanese tile roof, desolate battlefield and abandoned temple.
  • Distinctive Characters: Protect Ninja Girl, Samurai Girl, Witch & Assassin from attacking enemies.
  • Various Opponents: 20+ types of enemy including ninja, bandit, swordsman, monk, ghost, skeleton shogun, red oni and a lot more.
  • Armed with Ninja Weapons: Performing a balancing act on the choice between Katana, Blade & Spear.
  • Unleash Ninja Powers: 5 types of powerful scroll help you annihilate enemies.
  • Collect Mystic Jades: 5 unlockable jades to gain extra Ninja Abilities.
  • Shadow Mode: Challenging levels for players who want to be a Jade Ninja Master.
  • Feel the thrill of slashing enemies as blisteringly as a hot knife through butter!

All our hopes are pinned on you. Stand out and fight for your faith!

Follow Master Tao to learn the way of Jade Ninja.

Supported Languages
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

For more info, you may visit us at http://jadeninja.com

Original Sound Tracks

Listen all music on SoundCloud

Gameplay Videos

Download it for FREE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jade-ninja/id515797882?mt=8
02-24-2013, 10:09 AM
good job~

It's pretty good~!
Well done~!

02-24-2013, 10:39 AM
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I got this Game day one and I have to say its Great!

I am the punishment of GOD
if you had not committed great sins
GOD would not have sent
a punishment like me upon you Genghis Khan
02-25-2013, 08:09 PM
@zombiegohell, Final Boss & master lee:

Much appreciated for all your support! We have gathered many feedback and suggestion in just a few days. We're now working hard to fix minor bugs and prepare to submit the first update.

Very happy to know you like Jade Ninja! We will add more levels and contents in the next major update. Stay tuned!
02-25-2013, 08:21 PM
Well, at least they're getting smarter...


I give up.
02-25-2013, 08:21 PM
Less than a week after Jade Ninja is released, we already received 3 great fan arts from our fans!

If you dont really love the game and the characters, you won't spent time on drawing something for them, right? That is why we consider the fan arts are huge compliments for us.

Keep the artworks coming and well be sure to post it here!
03-04-2013, 08:56 AM
Hey! Take a look at Monkey Potion and Ice Bird Studio performed the original sound tracks in Jade Ninja.

Insanely amusing!

03-05-2013, 11:50 PM
Jade Ninja v1.2 is ready for sale and update.

What's New in Version 1.2
  • [BUG FIX] When characters level up to Lv10, the "Reward Selection" phase is skipped.
  • [BUG FIX] Sometimes the game gets stuck when character is saved.
  • [BUG FIX] When users come back from iOS notification center, BGM will not be played normally.
  • [NEW] Countdown progress bar in the "Save Me" phase.
  • Improve user experiences & game performance.

If you bought Jade Ninja when it is on version 1.1 and has "leave a dent" in App Store, you will get free golds when you update Jade Ninja to v1.2!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jade-ninja/id515797882?ls=1&mt=8
03-14-2013, 03:28 AM
Jade Ninja gets a hefty update! We just submitted Jade Ninja v1.3 and now it is waiting for review. There are lots of bugs fixed and new features added!

What's New in Version 1.3

  • In normal mode, you can advance to next stage once you reach 1500m
  • You may trigger 'HEAD START' to skip 1500m in each run
  • You may optionally choose to unlock next stage by golds
  • Message popup when you try to upgrade weapons but don't have enough coins

  • Sometimes music would stop playing normally
  • Game would crash when using Scroll of Meteor on Monkey Ninjas
  • Coin and gold related achievements did not progress normally
  • Image glitches of Jades in Shop
  • UX and UX improvements

Jheng Wei Ciao

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03-14-2013, 08:28 PM
Jade Ninja is going to GDC

Will you go to Game Developers Conference this year?

Jade Ninja is going to GDC!!

If you happen to see a guy wearing the Jade Ninja T-shirt, don’t hesitate to say hi to him! He would love to show you this cool ninja game app and give you a humble gift.

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