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10000000 For Android Beta (EightyEight Games)

02-28-2013, 01:16 PM
10000000 For Android Beta (EightyEight Games)

Hello there.

I'm close to releasing 10000000 for android, but I've only got one android device so I'm not too sure how it works on other devices.

If you are interested in having a go, post in this thread and ill pm you a beta <3

02-28-2013, 01:33 PM
Joined: Feb 2013
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Seen the trailer on rockpapershotgun

Very interested in testing it out on Android. Have a galaxy nexus.


02-28-2013, 01:39 PM
Joined: Apr 2009
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I can test it on the Note 2 and Nexus 7.
02-28-2013, 01:46 PM
Joined: May 2009
Location: Minnesota
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I can test it on an ASUS Transformer TF101.

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02-28-2013, 01:56 PM
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I have a samsung galaxy s3.
02-28-2013, 01:57 PM
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I have a generic tablet made by Craig. I would love to beta test it though
02-28-2013, 02:04 PM
Joined: Mar 2012
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I have a GS3 GT-I9300 and I would love to test 10000000. It is still one of my favourite ios games.
02-28-2013, 02:45 PM
Would love to beta test`

I've missed this game dearly after giving up my iPhone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and and Asus Infinity Tablet that I could run the game through it's paces on.

I should also add that I run custom roms (right now I'm running Carbon Rom Jellybean 4.2.2), so I can test on the latest version of Jellybean and make sure there are no shenanigans afoot.

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02-28-2013, 02:49 PM
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Could I play the game on my Sony Experia J? Very interested!
02-28-2013, 02:53 PM
Joined: Feb 2013
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I would be interested, I have an LG Optimus G, Nexus 7, and Acer A500 tablet.