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iPhone: Remember "Smack Boxing"?

12-04-2008, 10:23 PM
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Remember "Smack Boxing"?

well I do I bought it on day one. Since November 23 it has been unavailable on iTunes. On November 24, I emailed Full Control Aps, and within 24 hrs. I had a response. Thomas Lund had responded and informed me that there was a "bug" with Apple and he would be in contact to resolve that problem. That was two weeks ago and Smack Boxing is still not "live" I will post more later as I believe they just responded to my query from earlier today.
12-04-2008, 10:32 PM
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The reason I am posting this thread is that anyone who purchased this title knows on the description page we were told that this was released as an incomplete game and with user input this would be an ongoing development. Mr. Lund informed me that the first big update was submitted an Nov.23 and more was to come. I have seen him post on threads here so maybe you could give some input here please. Thanks
12-04-2008, 10:49 PM
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I purcahsed this thinking it was a "test drive" and that the DEV was going to improve things with updates ---as he was taking notes on what we liked and wanted. Kind of pisses me off that he might have buggered off after making his few dollars on a pretty weak title without doing all he could to improve it based on feedback. I have erased it from my ipod but was awaiting an update so I could try the new and improved version. I will keep watching this thread for "updates"

I hope we dont have to lynch anybody today.
12-04-2008, 10:55 PM
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I am deleting too, hopefully it's not a urban tycoon redeux or I'm with you on that lynching!
12-05-2008, 12:17 AM
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It's sad we consumers have no recourse In a matter like this. I only paid $1.99 for this game, but when you start adding them up; Urban Tycoon2.99, motion pool2.99, Smack Boxing1.99, hooked pocket fishing1.99..... Well you get the idea.
12-05-2008, 02:42 AM
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We are still here, and we are also super angry - angry at Apple for not
1) approving our update yet
2) not having fixed their app store bug

We of all have most to loose, and they are telling us ZERO. We call, mail and try everything possible to get just the idea of what happened, when it gets fixed or what is going on. Nothing.

For what it is worth to you - we promise that we are supporting this all the way and fullfilling what we set out on from the start.

But we are just a small company up against Apple here - so we have no idea on *when* the update goes live or when they fix the bug. Updates normally get approved after 3-4-5 business days. It has now been almost 2 weeks. So we are long past the regular review cycle, and still no info.

I can post screenshots of the app store and copy/paste mail correspondance - but it unfortunally doesnt change the fact that in the end it is only Apple that can fix their problems.

If you look at our other game - ElectroCute - which has been anything but a commercial success. We have posted 4-5 updates to it - adding features every time (compared to all the updates other but out with "minor code rearrangements" just to get on top of the list again).

When we update a low selling app with new features, we would be very dumb indeed to not update a good game like Smack Boxing.

If you please could re-direct your anger at Apple and mail them to tell them about what you think - then that might change things. We unfortunately are powerless


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