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Big Bad Sudoku Book - FREE RIGHT NOW!!

03-04-2013, 02:52 AM
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Big Bad Sudoku Book - FREE RIGHT NOW!!

We're dropping the price again from 1.99 down to FREE.

One of the most popular sudoku games on the iPhone and the only one to reach the top spot in the daily ranks (Big Bad Sudoku Book hit #1 as the most downloaded iPad app) is transitioning from being a paid game to being a free game. But it's not free every day. It is going to be free starting today (Monday March 4th) and will remain free for a few days. If downloads stay high we'll keep it free. When they drop it will go back to paid.


If you like Sudoku you have to try Big Bad Sudoku Book. It's our opinion that many other versions of the game sort of take the fun out of it. They won't let you enter in wrong numbers, and if you ask for a hint they straight up give you the answer to a cell. Why not just put up a puzzle and solve it for you? I'll tell you why, cause that's not fun! Our approach is a lot different. Our hints guide you to answers without flat out giving it away. We provide the tools you need to solve the puzzle with your brain, just like a real paper sudoku book but better!

If you miss out on this promotion I will let you guys know here when it's free again so check back.

NOTE: I just made the price change and it might take an hour or two to take effect everywhere. If it's doesn't show as free for you check again in 30 minutes.
03-04-2013, 07:09 AM
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Highly recommended! (I got it in an earlier sale.)

The most important quotes of the description:

"All puzzles are guaranteed to have a single solution and be solvable without guessing." That is NOT the fact in most of the hundreds of Sudoko games. Essential for profs! Other games are just simple software routines with random layouts—easily solvable with brainless try & error click/tap orgies.

Exemplary standard:

"Version 3 adds a fun twist on the classic game with new downloadable themes and challenging new puzzle book campaigns. But this is not a freemium app.. Sudoku Book's core functionality is all included. It has unlimited free play in all levels and all the same features as the previous version plus more."

I'd wish ALL devs would describe their In-App Purchases for real money like this. There is nothing to hide when IAPs are okay like here.

Very advanced system for marks optimized for iPhone and iPad. A fancy scoring system will keep you playing. Thinking and playing.

I made a looong screenshot of the options (the default settings are fine for beginners):

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03-07-2013, 06:36 AM
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Wow thanks! - AND STILL FREE

Wow.. thanks for doing that. The long options screen is great! And it's a nice review.

We really want to be able to keep it free.

Thanks for playing!


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