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App description: TouchArcade 4.5/5 "... Dungeon Plunder's slot-based combat is clever, just one of several smart features that make it one of the better roguelike experiences on iOS."
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Dungeon Plunder is a fun casual roguelike dungeon crawler featuring randomly generated overland and dungeon maps with an addictive and strategic battle system.

Here's what you get with Dungeon Plunder:

Randomization of maps with different environments ensuring several hours of replayability.
High quality isometric graphics rendering a beautiful and diverse scenery.
90+ different monsters and bosses with unique abilities to defeat.
A fun, engaging and strategic combat system based on a slot machine with symbols selection, a respin phase and cooldowns management.
Three character classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue) with distinct abilities and playing styles.
A skill points distribution system when you level up.
An inheritance system that will grant gold, artifacts and life scrolls and even unlock higher starting levels for your next characters.
A legacy rune system that triggers bonuses shared for all your characters.
Several orchestral music tracks, tuned to your surroundings, enhancing your game playing experience.
Full Game Center integration with 48 different achievements and 12 leaderboards.
iCloud synchronization across your devices for your character starting levels and unlocked runes.
Ultimately defeat an evil archmage conjuring a new ice age: the environment will be covered in ice and snow progressively as you travel through the perilous lands.

Dungeon Plunder is a universal game with full support of the widescreen iPhone5 and iPod Touch 5th generation devices.

Full IAP DIsclosure: 2 expansion classes (Ranger and Monk), cosmetic skins and a tip chest for the developer with no in-game effect are available. That's all. There is absolutely no IAP for game currency, "gems", gold/exp doublers or anything else that affects game performance. Buy with confidence.

undeadcow's comments:

Developer website: http://www.dungeonplunder.com/

Sample full iPad Retina screenshot: http://www.dungeonplunder.com/misc/iPadRetina.png

Pocket Tactics Preview: http://pockettactics.com/2013/03/04/...hes-this-week/

03-05-2013, 07:31 AM
Yes yes yes

03-05-2013, 07:39 AM
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Hope this slot mechanic works cause everything else about this game looks top notch.
03-05-2013, 07:56 AM
Joined: Feb 2011
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Yeah, everything looks fantastic, apart from the slot machine thing, which has really put me off to the point where I might not pick this one up.. Odd decision, hope it works out.
03-05-2013, 08:09 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
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Interested, but like the rest the slot system seems out of place but not a deal breaker. The game looks great and at the end of the day random number rolls have always been the name of the game for rogue like games so I guess I can deal with a slot machine system!
03-05-2013, 08:10 AM
finally something worth buying comes out!
come on 11pm
03-05-2013, 08:34 AM
Joined: Dec 2012
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Dungeon Plunder looks interesting, but I can't make heads or tails of it from the two Youtube videos. Going to hold off until hopefully Sanuku Youtubes this...
03-05-2013, 08:44 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
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Dungeon Plunder is polished and fun. It is well designed and can be difficult. There's hypothetically an end objective but I haven't reached it yet. Diversity between character classes is great and lends itself to replay; along with randomized world map and dungeons. The inheritance system is novel and there's some intelligent devices to prevent exploits. Graphics are such this might be the most vibrantly colored retina roguelike out there now.
Originally Posted by steviebwoy View Post
...everything looks fantastic, apart from the slot machine thing, which has really put me off to the point where I might not pick this one up.. Odd decision, hope it works out.
Regarding slot machine combat mechanic, it actually works very well. The short version is that slot combat in Dungeon Plunder is compelling and fun.

Long version: Like many of you I was initially repelled by the thought of slot based combat. However, it is very well implementing lending a sense of strategy and tactics to the roguelike genre. Traditionally you would bump into an enemy and see what the outcome was, or maybe push/swipe an attack button and the damage would just appear (which is anticlimatic and passive if you think about it). Here, you bump into an enemy and the game pulls out the slot system. Tap a button to spin, hold matching items (at least a pair but up to 5 of the same item, multiple pairs allowed), then respin to randomly replace undesired tiles for final outcome. This is handled in a turn based fashion that feels a bit like jrpg combat to me. There are a good assortment of slot tiles making combat feel strategic because matches come up frequently but with only 5 slots and x possibilities you sometimes want to gamble for a more desirable outcome (i.e. focus on attack tiles and pass on defense or visa versa). Some tiles are general for all classes (hearts for health, shields for armor, coins for gold) and others are specific to your class (see below). Depending on your class some tiles will be worthless because they are associated with other characters (i.e. rogues can not attack with matching axes) so you need to avoid filler. There is also a bonus with the more tiles you match and additional gold for matching 5x of some. Some tiles have double symbols lending to diversity (a shield with a heart on it matchs both single shields and single hearts). The controls are responsive and allow for quick scanning and tapping. After each set of spins (initial, select desirable tiles, respin to finalize) the enemy attack outcome appears.

Class specifics: For rogue poison (show in video below) bottles stun or damage enemies if poison rank is high enough and daggers attack. For warrior single or double axe both attack but match separately. For mage (pictured in screenshot) wand matches attack and blue potions build mana for skills. Each character class has different special abilities for influencing the slots (i.e. rogue "blade fury" replaces all unusable symbols with a dagger, poison, or shield usable to rogue).
Originally Posted by iPadisGreat View Post
Dungeon Plunder looks interesting, but I can't make heads or tails of it from the two Youtube videos. Going to hold off until hopefully Sanuku Youtubes this...
Here's a link to a gameplay video from an earlier build:http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxf...s#.UTX-UDf4KSp. Some of the UI is slightly different but mechanics are faithful to final release.

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03-05-2013, 09:35 AM
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Like everyone else, my concern is the slot machine combat system. For a roguelike, im not sure if i can deal with that. Im sure i MAY grow to like it, but right now, i just dont like it at all.

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03-05-2013, 09:48 AM
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Dungeon Plunder's slot combat system is a lot more interactive with strategic/puzzle elements beyond what has been present on iOS previously. I dislike slot based games in general but found Dungeon Plunder to be a pleasant surprise. If you've played games like Tower of Fortune, King Cashing, or RPG Slots I can see how you might not prefer slot machine combat because those are largely dexterity based if not outright random. Dungeon Plunder is favorably different and gives a better impression of clear player choice/options in combat.

There is in-app purchase as a one time charge to unlock all 6 cosmetic only alternative skins ($1.99 total) or the option to tip the developer (amount varies, no gameplay impact).

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