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App description: Unleash the Alchemist in you!

Vengeance Front is the new game of the Master of Alchemy brand, featuring a top-notch physics engine and streamlined mechanics that can appeal to both newcomers and fans of the genre.


Use the ancient art of alchemy to solve nonlinear puzzles, manipulating solid, liquid and gaseous substances in new and exciting ways.
You will need all your wits and cold blood to gain all the medals!


Become a true Alchemist using new and peculiar alembics! The environment itself is a tool at your disposal, so that matter can vaporize or sublimate.
Will you go for the alchemic cannon to shoot the particles? Or will you transform them, following a different path?
There are even special badges for those who can reach their goal using as few tools as possible.


The new physics engine features more realistic interactions between particles and it involves the environment itself, with switches to activate and obstacles to overtake.


Manipulation of matter, interacting with liquid, solid and gaseous elements
Streamlined game mechanics, such as cold areas that change the state of particles
New gameplay elements like color filters and blocks with buttons to trigger
Improved physics engine, that can handle more particles at the same time
More than 50 nonlinear levels with multiple objectives and bonuses
Easy to pick up and play but challenging to master

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03-13-2013, 12:35 AM
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Out now.

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