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App description: It was a very blustery day.

Actually it was a ridiculously blustery day. An exceedingly blustery day. The kind of blustering where you peek out your door to get a better look at the weather but the door is immediately ripped out of your hand, followed closely by your coat rack, the decorative bric-a-brac you have scattered around to give your home the lived in look, and your pants.

This, my friend, is not a day to be outside. Only the outside is rapidly going to come to you before too long. And as the storm picks up more and more debris, the danger of personal injury up to and including a trash can to the face grows from merely implausible to so-likely-to-happen-that-it-probably-already-did. The world got down on its knees and cried out for a hero, a champion to quell the winds and clear the air of Identified Flying Objects.

Oh, they got their hero alright.

They got SUPER HAPPY CHAINSAW! Champion of the beaver with tooth decay! Cleaver of obstacles most obstructive! Light enough to ride the wind but metal enough to take no damage to his body or to his street cred. Yes, Super Happy Chainsaw will save them all!

That is, provided you wouldnt mind pulling the ripcord.

You can handle that, right?
03-13-2013, 04:53 PM
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Here is a quick gameplay video. With more upgrades you will go farther and higher! So you'll encounter more enemies than just the brown boxes at the beginning.

Youtube link | Pop Up


I'm playing around with various capturing software, so far Fraps seems to be doing the trick. Any software recommendations would be appreciated!
03-24-2013, 11:44 PM
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Version 1.1 just released!

Boss fights too frustrating? We've made things better!

Missing a swipe will slow down the next arrow.

Special thanks to TRB4 for their input!