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iPhone: Word Solitaire - Release and Promo Code Contest!

07-08-2009, 12:55 PM
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Word Solitaire - Release and Promo Code Contest!

Candywriter is proud to announce the release of Word Solitaire, an iPhone and iPod touch app that adds a 'touch' of grammar to traditional solitaire.

Word Solitaire cards are dealt just like the popular solitaire variant of Klondike but with a unique twist: instead of traditional playing cards, each card represents a letter of the alphabet. It's your task to stack cards on top of one another, create words, and expose more letters. Once all provided letters have been arranged into words, you may advance to the next level.

At your disposal are a couple of tools. As in regular Klondike, a "Grab Deck" is available in which several reinforcement cards may be recruited to help form words. In addition, unwanted cards, such as dastardly Q's and X's, may be incinerated in the screen's crackling fire; but only three cards may be burned per level.

☆ 25 beautiful levels, each with a high-resolution classical art background
☆ Intelligent decks that increase difficulty slightly with each level
☆ Customizable color themes
☆ Complete Twitter integration
☆ Millions of letter arrangements. No two games are ever the same
☆ Auto-save Pick up your game where you left off, anytime

Website (with Video Demo)


Word Solitaire is available on the iTunes App Store now for $0.99 (USD).
[App Store]

Promo Code Contest
Word Solitaire lets you form up to 10-letter words. To enter a drawing to receive 1 of 10 promo codes, simply post a 10-letter word that has not yet been posted. The contest will close at 5PM PST today (July 8) and the winners of the drawing will be given promo codes via direct message at that time.

Follow Word Solitaire on Twitter for regular promo code giveaways, scores, and news!

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"Typewriter" is a 10 letter word, using only the top row of a QWERTY keyboard.

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Do we post here or twitter?

If here: bankrupted
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Do we post here or twitter?

If here: bankrupted
Please post your entries here - thanks!