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Questions about Survivor Z (Text-based Zombie Survival Adventure Game)

03-14-2013, 10:10 PM
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Questions about Survivor Z (Text-based Zombie Survival Adventure Game)

I'm interested in this game. Looks like a more involved, more intense and mature version of Organ Trails which is always a plus to me. And the whole location-based system sounds incredibly awesome and unique. Really want to support the devs with my $$ but have a few questions first, if anyone can answer them for me:

1) Can I use 3G instead of WiFi or is it only Wifi? Have access to 3G constantly, WiFi not as much

2) I read in one review that you don't need WiFi for the whole time you play, that you only need it when you start for it to collect location information. True or not? And how does this work?

3) How randomized/replayable is the gameplay? Or how often do events repeat? Does it follow the same basic premise every time (think The Walking Dead) or is it more open-ended?

4) Any news on updates?
03-15-2013, 06:39 PM
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Survivor Z

I am the creator. This game is open ended, and we are constantly updating and enhancing gamely with plans to continue doing so well into Summer 2013. If you are considering buying it, you should do so now, as the game's price may raise after the development has completed.

It works on 3G or WiFi, and is location based, but unlike every other game that uses location data, we actually create story content for the player to find.

It is a great game, check out the forums if you like, thats free.