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App description: Siiliam is a simple casual game. Its only objective is to increase the red square until it fits into the white frame.

What appears simple at first, turns out to be tricky as the movement of the corners never stops and they suddenly change direction when deflected from borders and obstacles.

Time and score are running down constantly, so you better hurry up! When you hit an obstacle, your score will be deducted a penalty. You win the level if the red square fits into the white frame. You lose if either time has run down or the score is 0 by getting too many penalties.

If you finish the level without hitting an obstacle, you will get a bonus. And you will need that bonus in order to achieve high scores.

In Siiliam there is only one life. So if you don't accomplish a level you must start at level 1 again.

redcoding's comments:
Hello all,

I'd like to introduce Siiliam to you. It's a nice little game that challenges the speed of your fingers Keep track of the red shape and fit it into its target frame. But don't hit obstacles!

More information on the product page: click.
04-13-2013, 03:20 AM
Joined: Mar 2013
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Hello all,

thank you all for buying the app! Although I have sold quite a few units, I'd still like get more feedback from my users. Which features would you like to see in Siiliam? GameCenter support?

You can post your requests (and bugs) easily here: https://www.redustrial.de/trac/Siiliam/newticket


Siiliam - Casual game for iPhone and iPad