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Plasma Sky, a shiny new space shooter for Android and iOS

03-18-2013, 04:53 PM
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Plasma Sky, a shiny new space shooter for Android and iOS

Plasma Sky comes out today for Android and iOS. It's my first game for the iPhone and iPad, but I've been working on game professionally for over a decade. It's not terrible, I promise!

Plasma Sky is a vibrant space shooter for mobile devices, featuring 80 levels of blasting and glowing vector-style graphics. It's a tribute to what I love about the shmup genre. Highscores, lots of power-ups, big bosses, lots of variety, and a huge number of bullets and explosions.

Gameplay video (turn up quality!):

Youtube link | Pop Up

Here are the store pages:

Here's the website:

Quick Facts:
  • $1.99, no in-app purchases
  • Universal on iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPhone5, and iPod Touch
  • Works with any Android resolution
  • Touch or Tilt controls
  • 80 levels in the main game
  • Survival mode will be added in first patch to support shorter play sessions

And here are some more images of gameplay:

Thanks for checking out Plasma Sky!
03-21-2013, 10:17 AM
This looks extremely cool, I'm sold!


Just played the game, it's fantastic! Controls like a dream and the game is really smooth. Really polished and fun.

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