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App description: 4/5 "A physics-based puzzler that hits the mark for presentation, style and gameplay."
- TouchArcade

4/5 "Presentation for this game is at a level that belies the studios size."
- GamerPops

"It is the type of game you could find yourself passing massive amounts of time with and coming out on the other side as if you just had a relaxing massage. "
- GiantRealm


The Seed is a physics based puzzle game. The player must guide the Seed to each level's goal using droplets to direct and manipulate its path. Unlike most physics based puzzle games, The Seed focuses heavily on tone and narrative, slowly revealing the nature of the world of the Seed as it brings life back into a seemingly barren lifeless wasteland. What happened here? And what environments await the Seed...

Trailer: http://youtu.be/9f9glRZu0kY

This is Part 1 and includes the first 3 worlds of the game (28 levels). Don't worry, Part 2 will be released as a free update!

LittleBitGames's comments:

Universal App update out NOW!

It's currently on sale for $0.99!

We exhibited at PAX East as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH, and the reception was awesome!

Let us know what you guys think!
04-05-2013, 01:04 PM
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Is widescreen support coming?

04-05-2013, 01:30 PM
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Wtf only one comment this game is gold
04-05-2013, 02:04 PM
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I like the art, just waiting a few more comments to buy. This week was a expensive one, so i'm waiting!

Sorry for my bad english.
04-05-2013, 02:18 PM
I commented on the front page using my "alter ego", so I thought I'd chime in here, too. Great stuff! I appreciate TA bringing this to our attention via their review.

"@ColeDaddy - My wallet hates you. That is all."
04-05-2013, 06:38 PM
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Thanks guys!

Widescreen support may be coming at some point, but no immediately development is planned on it... Extending the levels makes for an interesting design challenge since we'd like to support level solutions working across all devices.

Also, the Universal App update just hit yesterday! So grab it on your iPads for the optimal experience!
04-05-2013, 06:42 PM
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iPad 1 compatible?


I could never give up.
04-05-2013, 08:03 PM
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iPad 1 compatible, but we are encountering some issues on the iPad 1 with the latest update that we will be addressing right away!
04-05-2013, 08:04 PM
After reading the TA review I bought the app. I like the visual art a lot and together with the fitting music and the game mechanic, it gives it a kind of meditative "osmos" vibe. I do have some comments though.

The game play can be a bit frustrating because of the tweaking and trial-and-error needed, especially when going after the level target time (well, this is personal, I also have difficulty to really enjoy similar "trial-and-error" games like Cat Physics and Foot Nut for example). The fiddling with the water droplets can be a bit frustrating as well. For example when wanting to increase the diameter I find myself rotating instead. Moving the droplets around small distances ("tweaking") is also jumpy sometimes.

The game menu is puzzling in itself . At least at first. There are no level numbers, just circles which appear one by one for each level one completes. In the beginning I entered levels I already played before so that was confusing. After some time this is no problem anymore (I'm 6 levels "deep" in the game) and I have to say it does add to the minimalistic meditative style of the game.

Another puzzle is that these level circles can have a ring around them. After some time I learned that this reflects if one has beaten the level target completion time. Succeeding within this target time seems to bring nothing more than just adding this ring in the level menu. I expected some kind of point or star or achievement system, after all it is a game. But the game itself doesn't show it and it seems Game Center is not working for me for this game. It shows the game but says there are no achievements and no leader boards GC leader boards are always a huge incentive for me and bring good replay value for me, but I realize not everyone is like this.

As said, I'm only 6 levels in the game, so I leave it at these first impressions. Looking forward to what the game will bring in later levels. The game has definitely potential and maybe I get a better feel for fiddling with the water droplets which at the moment is not working very smooth for me.
04-06-2013, 12:38 AM
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Thanks for the honest feedback!

The game is definitely very much a "trial-and-error" type of game. It's very much inspired by similar games of that type, most specifically The Incredible Machine. We're definitely aware that this type of gameplay isn't for everyone, but we were trying to go for a more challenging physics based puzzle game experience than what is offered by most of the other ones out there.

The menu and level selector is admittedly confusing to some initially. We struggled with how to convey certain concepts while also keeping the UI design as minimalistic as possible. The game has next to no text in it (great for localization!) and we were very conscious about the potential downfalls of that design decision.

Actual GameCenter integration is coming down the pipeline, but a leaderboard is not currently being planned. We felt the style of game and our minimal scoring metrics would have been too limited for effective leaderboards. Achievements, however, are planned and will be retroactive when they are implemented.

Again, thanks for the feedback! I hope the experience improves for you as you get deeper into the game!