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App description: Multiplayer Hangman Action with Friends has arrived!

A mysterious former game show host has come out of retirement to figure out the one question he's never been able to answer...who is the best hangman player in the world?!? To settle this conundrum he has created the off-the-wall game show Big Hangman of Fortune, inviting anyone willing to accept the challenge.

With his loyal sidekick "Hang-Man" playing the role of the hangman and a seemingly endless array of alluring prizes drawing in contestants, the mysterious host can now truly discover just who is the greatest hangman player in the world!


Super Cool Features:
-A Whole New Hangman! A totally original take on hangman complete with lifelines, solve option and the very useful Eliminate Letters mode!
-Gorgeous 3D graphics! You've never seen hangman look so good!
-Real-time Leaderboards! Compete in weekly and daily challenges to win prizes!
-Thrilling Multiplayer Modes! Play versus friends or anyone in the world 1v1.
-Over 8 Unlockable Themes! Themes such as Western and Candyland that change the whole look of your game down to Hang-Man's costume.
-Original Soundtrack! Changes with each unlocked theme.
-Earn Coins! Earn or purchase Coins to help you unlock themes, get powerups and enter tournaments!
-Achievements! Over 30 achievements creating different and exciting challenges, all compatible with Game Center!

cshmee's comments:

06-04-2013, 01:10 PM
Joined: Mar 2013
Location: Maryland
Posts: 61
We just put out our major 2.0 update for Big Hangman of Fortune, here are a few of things that are new in this version:

-New Vs Friends 1v1 Mode: Play against your Facebook friends or against a random opponent from anywhere in the world!
-The Big HoF Winners Circle: A new page that tracks the all-time high score, weekly solo winners and the latest top 10.
-Repeat Eliminate Letters: Button to repeat the previous turn's eliminated letters.
-View Leaderboards: Allowing you to check Solo and Daily Challenge leaderboards at any time.
-Several menu enhancements.
-Play through Game Center ID

03-19-2014, 06:20 PM
Joined: Mar 2013
Location: Maryland
Posts: 61
Big Hangman of Fortune 3.0

Just put up a major update for the game, complete with:
-Brand new categories and clues to help you solve the thousands of mystery words.
-The fabulous Prizebot! Earn tokens and feed them to him to win awesome prizes.
-Fortune Keys! Use them to unlock amazing themes and powerups.
-New and improved menu design
-Improved versus multiplayer
-Optional push notifications to let you know when tournament results are in and when it's your turn.

"You're going to love the look of this game" -Apppicker.com

"Eye-popping and gorgeous, 3D graphics...A completely unique iteration of hangman thats nothing like youre used to" -96apps.com