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Eon Altar - A new cooperative role-playing adventure (by Flying Helmet Games)

03-31-2013, 10:20 PM
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Eon Altar - A new cooperative role-playing adventure (by Flying Helmet Games)

Share the adventure as you fight to the depths…

Eon Altar Media Release
Introducing EON ALTAR, the new Tabletop Video Game in development for iOS, Windows 8 and Android.

Eon Altar is a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of classic tabletop gaming and modern video games into a Tabletop Video Game.

Five friends fight through dungeons to uncover ancient secrets and compete for glory and wealth. Using personal handsets to control your character’s actions, with a tablet to adventure through dungeons as a group, players undertake a cinematic journey unlike anything ever before in a tabletop setting.

Through turn-based action and fast-paced combat, each player will build a legendary hero. Collect gear, earn new abilities, battle monstrous creatures, and overcome environmental challenges.

At the end of each gaming session the players will emerge victorious, but only through a balance of teamwork and healthy competition. However, through many sessions each character’s story will be revealed, and the ancient secrets from the depth of the caverns will be unveiled.

“The Kingdom of Gray lies cradled by the mountains of the Western Spine, from the Gray Castle, to the town of Barrier on the eastern border of the Black Sands. In the mining village of Tarnum, a cave exists, said to descend to the foundry of Myrth the Creator God – the birthplace of man. In hopes of discovering fame and fortune, adventurers line up in droves, to navigate the treacherous paths, the darkness, and worse. Few return. Will you?”

Up to 5 Players gather for a gaming session. Each player has their own smartphone handset connected to a shared tablet. On the tablet, the group experiences dungeon exploration, action combat, story reveals, exciting environments, and cinematic moments. On each of their handsets players manage characters and inventories, engage in individual combat and challenges, and explore world lore.

Eon Altar is independently developed by Flying Helmet Games, based in Vancouver BC. At the helm are Project Director Edward J Douglas and Lead Developer Scott Penner, who have worked together for years on some of the industry’s biggest titles. They are joined by a small team of developers, both in Vancouver and remote, with experience at major studios such as Electronic Arts, BioWare, Ubisoft, Atari and United Front Games.

Players can get their hands on Eon Altar at PAX East, in Boston (March 22-24), where the team is showing off a playable demo on the show floor, Booth 166.

Eon Altar is in development for Next Gen and Current Tablet PCs, Tablets and Smartphone Handsets, targeting a release on iOS, Windows 8 and Android, with plans for robust cross-platform play. Flying Helmet Games has not yet announced a release date.
Official screenshots:

Play a modern Tabletop Video Game with your friends on the latest Tablet PCs, Tablets and Smartphone Handsets!

Explore as a group on a shared Tablet!

Fight enemies alone or in a group on your personal smartphone handset!

Experience challenges, story and mysteries on your handset. Share with the group, or keep them to yourself!

Cinematic action jumps between Tablet and Handset!

Strategic turn-based gameplay modernizes traditional table-top experiences in a truly social setting

Choose your RPG playstyle in a variety of upgradeable classes and characters

Announcement trailer & hands-on video at PAX East 2013:

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 8.

Release date: unknown at the present.

Official website: http://flyinghelmetgames.com/eonaltar/.
03-31-2013, 11:10 PM
Looks interesting. Looking forward to it
04-02-2013, 07:04 PM
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Yup. Very interested as to how this plays out.

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