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Arcane Quest by Nex Studios ($0.99)

04-07-2013, 08:01 AM
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Arcane Quest by Nex Studios ($0.99)

With Mighty Dungeons having been released a few weeks ago, and being getting lots of hype on the iOS section as well, I ran into "Arcane Quest" just today, and it's pretty much a similar game, though more board-game-like, and it's also a whole lot of fun.

You get to roll the dice for almost everything here just like the Hero Quest board game, and you have a party of heroes which you take in your adventures.

There's a lite version (Ads and just two quests) and a paid version without Ads.

You can get them here:
Lite Version
Ultimate Version

Once again, the Empire is in trouble. Obscure forces infest the underground dungeons and threaten the peace of the upper world.
Plunge into the depths of darkness with your team of heroes and fight evil creatures to reach your goal. Courage, bravery, and intelligence will all be needed if you are to succeed.

In this classic-style board game, you can choose from 4 different heroes, each with different skills: warrior, wizard, dwarf or elf.

Collect gold, special items and new equipment to face the most challenging of enemies.

Use arcane spells or brute force, and carefully plan your strategy to succeed in your mission.

Also featuring:
- A unique storyline for each quest
- A complete classic style board game system: movement and combat dice, special cards, items, traps, treasures and a lot more!
- Saving engine to pause and resume your adventure at any time
- An exciting fantasy style soundtrack
- And much, much more!
I'll email the developer asking him to drop by here in case there are any questions or interest from the community.

05-09-2014, 02:40 AM
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A sequel of the game is currently under development by... well it's just me
Anyone who wishes to share his ideas, please feel free to contact me